Intrest/Price Check: Sega Saturn and PS1 Titles

Fighters Mega Mix
Night Warriors
Street Fighter Alpha 1
Note: All 3 games are complete but some of the jewel cases are cracked/pieces missing do to age and A LOT of moving (I was an army brat. :wasted:)

I don’t have a Saturn any more so I might sell em.

Megaman 8 (non greatest hits)
FFVIII (non-greatest hits)
Samurai Showdown: Warriors Rage
Jade Cacoon
Bushido Blade 2
Note: All 4 games come complete and cases just have scratches. Games play fine though

Any thoughts?


Fuck if I didn’t sell my saturn about a year ago I’ll be all over that Fighters Megamix.

edit - get those prices up if you decide.



I got some PS1/2 games I don’t play anymore either that’re pretty rare but don’t know how much they’ll go for so I might post those up later too.




How much for the SamSho PS1 game?

How much for all the Saturn games, mine is still running :wink:

I’ve been looking on ebay and craigs list for estimates on what they’d be.

I’ll have pricing by Monday at the latest.

Sorry for the inconvenience’s.

I’ll hold both of your respected games if you guys send me a ball-park estimate of what you’d be willing to spend.

Edit: When my camera is fixed (I dwopped it. D:) I’ll get pictures up.


I’ll say $12 shipped for SamSho. Game really isn’t good but I’d like it for my collection.

can you take a picture of the megaman 8 cd?

theres a specific one im looking for… thanks if its the one i want ill buy it.

Change mine. I just saw you had Bushido Blade 2 and would much rather have that. $12 shipped I can send out tomorrow.

Thanks for all the intrest.

However, some stuff came up and I’m going to be very busy and maybe out of town till Wednesday due to work.

So I won’t be able to get any more info until then. And I want to have a good reputation in the trading outlet so I asked Ephidel to close this until further notice and re-open it when I get EVERYTHING needed to make sales. I.E. Pics, Prices (shipped), things of that nature.

Sorry again for the inconveniences.


I’ll pay $15 for FFVIII, 20 at the most.

Thread closed at the request of SH.