Introduce yourself!

name: sevenforty
program: zbattle only
games: ssf2
characters: cammy, sim, and vega

name: jinomen
program: kaillera and zsnes/zbattle…
games: st, ssf2, a3
characters: chun, o.sagat, guile, gief (kinda)

name:y0uNg Ic3 [Th3 R3tUrn]
games: st, sfa3, kof98, and garou
chars: st: suile…blanka…dhalsim…ryu and chun-li…

name: SiYkO
program: kaillera
games: st, mvsc, xmvsf, ping pong
chars: balrog, megaman, morrigan, chun li, capa, storm, mag, charles, juggo, red paddle

Name: YOYO
Games: F-zero, SSF2T, KI,etc.
Characters: Vega, Honda, Balrog,TJ Combo.

Name: [| -Battousai- |]
Program: Kaillera
Games: X-men COTA primarily.
Characters: All except Akuma, damn the timing of that code.

Name: ChibiPotPie
Program: Kaillera
Games: Vampire Savior(any version) primarily
Characters: Lilith,Felicia,Tailbain,BBhood,Jedah,Sasquatch

fatherbrain (on zbattle/z-net, f-brain)
Kaillera, z-net, zbattle, AIM
SF, KI, MK, …eh, what the fuck, ANYTHING
Gief, sim, anyone really, I know them all, just use some better than others

mame/kaillera for some time now…
Mostly SNK, other games like A3 and such
Mai, Dan, Ken, Terry, Dong Hwan, Amano, Cham Cham, Jin, Lilith

games:garou,marv vs sf,marv vs cap,kof2000,sfa3,cota,last blade 2,svc chaos

ZBattle, Z-Net
SF2T, SSF2 (sometimes), Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts! (SG’nG; callin all pros!)
SF2T:Ryu, Guile, Ken, Chunli, Zangief, Dhalsim, Sagat
SSF2:Ditto minus Chun and occasional Deejay

ZBattle : SF2T and if requested SSF2
Mame/Kailera: SF:HF SSF2T, MKII

Skill Level: Internet Scrub
Email: AIM: DaliPicard1

gb/ sable flame
savior, ST, then most of the other vs fighers(mainly target practice tho)
handful of VS characters, n.chun, v-juni, rogue/somethin, magician(md3), pencil girls(tss)

SFA3,Last blade 2(learning, MVC, Garou, any SF
Ken, Karin,Kaede, Kojiron, Jae hoon, Rock, Ryu/strider

Name: Magic Wonder425

Program: Kaillera

Games: SFA3 a lot, sometimes XvSF & Vamp Savior or other games.

Characters: Anyone I’m in the mood to use

name: so angry/invers3
games: ssf2
on: zbattle mostly, znet rarely
characters: vega,sagat and ryu on emergencies cause i sucks with them in ssf2.

Name - Kayin.
Programs - Kaillera, ZNet.
Games - KoF '98 and 2k2, Garou MotW, Alpha 2 and 3, HF/ST, and whatever the hell else I feel like playing.
Characters - Too many in KoF, Hotaru and Tizoc in MotW, Ryu in A2 and A3 (X-ISM in 3), Ryu in HF/ST.

Oh, and if you want to play games, i’m usually available, and if i don’t answer, i’m away from my house.

inverse xd is my aim sn if you want to play.

Balrog/Ryu/Sagat and Vega

NIck: RYu (MExican)
Prog: Zbattle,Kaillera,Mame
Games: Any fighting game. SSF2 is my favorite along with alpha 3 on Kaillera.

If you wanna play some ssf2 games on zbattle, PM or something. I am always looking foward to meet new amigos.


Name: LTK
Program: Kaillera, Znet and Zbattle
Games: Anything
Characters: Dan rules all.