Introducing... Finest!

What we need is a CvS2 website primarily dedicated to Southern California’s tournament scene, with plenty of videos and some other stuff that rounds out a nice website.

Oh! What have we here?

This new site will be primarily about serving up match videos from the numerous CvS2 tournaments around the SoCal area (or at least, the ones that I have a chance to go to). There are also fun little things like stage profiles to help waste the time away.

Eventually, the site will become a resource for beginning and intermediate players to become better at the game, and for seasoned fighting game vets who are looking to pick up another game.

In addition to the videos for the finals to all tournaments, I’m also going to try to capture video for lesser-used characters in the earlier rounds. For instance, if a Todo or E.Honda user is spotted, I’ll try to make space to get their matches on video, since there are way more characters than just the nine or ten that everyone seems to use exclusively.

Except for the videos, the site is still a little sparse, but that’s okay, since it’s mainly a video site anyway. Anyways, check out what I’ve got up, and check back about once every week for minor, non-video updates. Every time there’s a video update, you’ll be sure to know about it!

Let me know what you guys think. Feel free to nitpick. :slight_smile:

Cool. It’s always good to see more CvS2 sites out there hosting vids. Now we also know that there was a point to you spamming the finestko link ;).

Nitpick: Use of some flash would make the site look MUCH more appealing. Just for example if the diamond buttons on the left would flip when you highlighted them and perhaps made a noise, or if the title came in from small size to big the same way Finest K.O. appears in the game. Also it would be cool if you linked the title to a wav file of Finest K.O. just for the hell of it when people are bored. People could click on the title for hours… just some nitpicks ;).

I’ve got the Flash suggestion from everyone, but I don’t know Flash all that well. If someone could whip up something for me, that would be great.

I don’t want any much flash on the site, though, since in the end the bandwidth will add up to more than it needs to be.

Cool – it’s great to have another cvs2 site + more vids. I’d suggest skipping the flash, the current layout is fine. Just keep it clean and simple ( is a good example.) Also, maybe lose the intro page.

Suggestion: interviews with top players

trusten, pms

is it just me or do those videos look like they’re running a little fast?

Long answer:
They were taken with a Canon Powershot S400, which is a fine digital camera (but still not a video camera). They probably look like they’re running a bit fast because it’s only going at 15fps, and I encoded it at that same framerate.

Short answer:
It’s just you. :slight_smile: