Introducing New Players to 3s


So if you had a friend who was open-minded to learning 3s, maybe they already play SFIV or SFII, or maybe no fighting games at all, and they say “I’ll learn 3s if you show me 5 match vids that are totally awesome” which 5 vids would you show them?

My list: Justin CH/Daigo KE, Messatsu UR/Sugiyama NE, Dirty OR/ Kokujin, one of the FFA ranbats for humor, and maybe one of Kuroda Q rape, or a character they like raping.


Don’t forget Kuroda mopping the floor with Ricky Ortiz and Justin Wong. Show him some Genki videos to show that tiers don’t matter that much.


1 Ino KE vs Kuroda GO
2 Justin CH vs Daigo KE
3 An RX match from SBO 2007
4 Kokujin DU vs Tokido CH
5 Hayao HU vs KO YU

Hard to decide!! As much as I love Justin/Ricky vs Kuroda, I think it might not be immediately obvious what is going on to a new player.


if it’s strictly a new player, i think The Daigo Vid should suffice. it’s gotta be something immediately relatable. they’re not going to understand tiers, or appreciate high-level play. vids with background noise/commentary are probably better cuz it would help to frame what they’re seeing, too.

that being said… i’d have to look in my vid collection… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say some flashy stuff like the Daigo/Justin video since a lot of people got their start there anyway. It’s got the flare, the comeback, and the hype. So that’s on the list. The Sextaro vs Renic “Captain Fucking America!” match is another, a lot of suspense/excitement there. Kuroda Akuma, RX Urien, and YSB Hugo matches.


I was most certainly not a part of this street fight


I just made this quick video for you to show your friend, it shows off some of the flashy things in the game so I hope it attracts him!

[SIZE=3]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Promotional Video[/SIZE]


Man! This video is great! I’ll definitely be passing it on to others.


Aren’t you the guy who stole mod tools from Japanese rom hackers and supposedly done an edit of 3S called 4th Strike (youtube it) and hasn’t said a word about it since?

  • Daigo Ken vs Justin Chun, Evo2k4
  • Kuroda Gouki vs Ino Ken
  • ANY match from the Tokido Chun/Kokujin Dudley series, or all of them(one of the best 3S rivalries ever)
  • KO Yun/Kokujin Dudley vs Kuroda Q/Hayao Hugo, SBO2k5
  • ANY RX match from SBO2k7

Close runnerups would be the very first Top8 match from the Genki Cup, as well as the Grand Finals of the first Kokunuki Cup. Everybody should be exposed to BM Jiro.


Ino vs kuroda
that set to me is the perfect definition of this game.
it can be appreciated at so many levels


This man has good taste!!!


Ack vs Boss/Tokido



Some of the old KSK vids when he was doing well with Alex at like Evo… uhh, 2005? Cool shit to show strangers to this game IMO.

I wish there was more artwork around for this game to draw people in. Maybe even some cosplay!? :stuck_out_tongue:


J double perfect with Makoto


I would SOOOO not recommend that match to newer players. We want to bring in new people, not scare them with J’s beasting. haha
(Also, J has been gone from 3S for a long time and Kokujin has gotten 100x better)


Anything with Aruka, Blue or Higa in it. I’m biased. Anything with Genki, Zangouef or KSK in it also.



Zangouef came to Evo in 2006 along with KSK as an Alex double team. Got to play some fun casuals with him. Very solid.

I would also show them the KSK Gamer’s Vision Dudley vs. Ryu gauntlet. LOL.


That day the game only had 2 characters. That’s only the first part of like an hour long shit of this. This was widely considered as an even matchup so they decided to make a whole team tournament out of the matchup.You can find the rest on the actual youtube link.

God why am I old enough to remember the day I torrented this?

Mid tiers >>> High tiers :cool: