Introducing somebody into the world of gaming

Hey guys.

What game would you reccomend for somebody who has never played a game before.
what console and what genre?

Just make them watch a lot of “Let’s play” walk-throughs on YouTube until they choose for themselves

As with any introduction make sure to whip it out and wave it around.

uhhh theyll probably not wanna play.

just start em with the basics…choose 1 rpg/platform game/puzzle game/fps

and let them see which one they like more.

HUmm then maybe they’re not that interested in videogames!!! There’s always soccer

Yeah you could try playing soccer with them (pretty fun game a lot of people like it)

ANY Game that is 1. Easy to control, 2. Requires No Experience, 3. Fun 4. Addicting
Like StarDust for PS3 or Tetris Attack or Guitar Hero

hmm… well Im on x360 so Stardust is out of the picture sadly

what about fps or even 3rd person. what would be the most simple and easy to pick up?
or live arcade titles?