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Hello everyone! I decided to join this forum just because I can. Plus I just got my own fighting stick. So far I’m really happy with it! I got it for fighting games but also for games that are just a bit arcade-ish like shmups, games such as Pac-Man and so forth. I’m excited to get better at using an fight/arcade stick, and getting better at fighting games. I’ll include a picture of my stick.

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You scrolled past the section you should post this kind of stuff in. The section you need is at the top of the front page of the forums.

General discussion is for everything non-fighting game related. Though we do talk about fighters in various threads, it just happens to fit the topic at the time (Video Game General Discussion thread, mainly) and not the focal point of this section of the forums.

Have fun on $RK.


This, 100%

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