Well…I looked everywhere for an Introduction thread or something of the like and I uh…can’t seem to locate it. Would it be cool if you could bump this post if you guys do have one? If I got it right…here it goes…

I wouldn’t say I’m new to fighting games. I hold my own in Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat.

I’m complete garbage at Street Fighter. I win 1 in 10 matches an d I don’t really know anyone who’s even semi-decent at the game to help me and I would like to get better.

I used to play Tekken, but I just stopped. No reason really. You know how it goes.

I played Dead or Alive but I was so disappointed with DOA4…

Never played Blazblue and I can’t stand MvC. God I hate MvC. I won’t get into it now though.

But nonetheless, just shoot me an add on XBL and we’ll throwdown and stuff. lol


There’s no introduction thread on these forums, because introduction threads aren’t really needed. It just clutters up the board.

But welcome! I hope you find some good information on these forums. Just be sure to sort through the trolls and idiots and try to find the real gems of info here.


I did the same thing, Switchblade, so don’t worry. Welcome to SRK. Hope you find something here to your liking. You’ll learn a lot in a short time, just by reading some of the threads and articles around here. Good luck!


Forums themselves don’t give a fuck but if you do make an intro thread do it in the region specific threads so you can find local comp. Anything else is a waste of EVERYONE’S time.


Nobody said you had to read, nor reply to a thread. So I’m guessing you have time to waste.


Thanks guys for warm welcomes and shiznit!