hey i just wanted to make a thread to say hello to everyone thats a part of this site (sorry if this is in the wrong place but i thought it pertained mostly to fighting games). Basicly im a street fighter player i grew up playing street fighter 2 on super nintendo (no arcade around here unfortunitly) then i moved onto capcom vs snk 2 on ps2 and neogeo(pocket which i still have lol) and now im playing street fighter alpha 3 (on gameboy lol), i dident know about 3rd strike till i got a computer so now im finding out about all these tournaments and things. but i orderd a copy of the anniversary collection on xbox so im looking for any opportunity to prove myself to the competitive street fighter community online or offline. i do have an xbox live account so if any one is looking for someone to fight you can usally rely on me.

All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Welcome to the forums, check out the tournament forums and online forums if you want to prove yourself or play some people offline or online.

since your introduction post is noobish, im going to close it because youre gonna get flamed hard. lurk for a while and see how shit rolls around here, then post up again - im doing this for your own good. :stuck_out_tongue: