Inuki Stratagey / Feedback



I am finding that the majority of Ibuki’s tools are flashy but aren’t worth expending the resources. Kunais are so important for combos that I never shoot them all at once. I pretty much use them exclusively at point blank range which kind of defeats the purpose of ammo. I dont use explosive kunai either, maybe I should, Im a noob. Not really digging the design, I think they changed her too much.

Here are the combos I use:
LP > MP > HP > Raida/Super -obviously

V-Trigger, meterless:
CMP > Kunai > V-Trigger > HP > H-Kazekiri > Command Jump > HP > HK

CMP > Kunai > Super

Poke: CMP, forward-HK
Anti-air: Kazekiri, CHP

Pretty basic, can start these combos after a jump in or a HK crush. I want to learn to use her other tools but they just dont seem useful when looking at the damage.


Does anyone know what a better punishment is instead of LP>MP>HP>EX Kunai>QCF+HK>AirHP,HK