InuYasha vs Ippo? ...Shonen Fighting Game for PSP

did a search and didn’t find anything yet…
Looks like a fighting game with characters from Shonen Magazine, not to be confused with Shonen Jump (DBZ, Naruto, One Piece)

Wow, that looks fucking hilarious.

Liver Blowing Rumiko Takahashi characters is almost worth buying a PSP for.

This makes me really want another Jump * Stars game. Who’s making this?

Ippo better be top tier.

God Tier out the box. Ippo will be like 80’s Mike. 1 Punch = IK. Shippo for Shit Tier. And Miu for Big Ole Titties Tier. Ikki, Ringo and Agito for Air Gear is the Shit Tier.

This game is part of a crossover event with Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine.

yeah ippo needs to dempsey roll all these pussies

man this game looks so seemingly random. the other characters i recognize are from air gear, fairy tail, and kenichi.

AIR GEAR CHARACTERS??? I am all over this shit. hopefully it’ll be compatible with Ad-Hoc party if it’s without native online play.

Inuyasha eating a Dempsey Roll would be epic

Fuck that! Hayate for toki-tier!!!

Hayate FTW

If they have that boy Takamura its a wrap!

Ippo and Air Gear? I need a fucking PSP like…NOW!!!

i thought i was seeing things for a second

fuck yo sky road…aiignt shit to a gazelle punch to your gut.

There MIGHT be a chance that some Tenchi muyo Characters might make it.I hope Ryoko and tenchi get in.I’d really be happy IF Onizuka (yes,GTO was published in shonen magazine) WAS a Bonus Character in the game,I’d be extremely excited (Here’s hoping for the Onizuka Hyakurestu Ken to be a SDM for Onizuka)

lol tenchi with sword and angel wings assist ftmfw

Wow, Sunday x Magazine is a long overdue reply to Nintendo’s successful Jump games (was getting sick of Naruto). Looks like they included all the usual suspects and more; nice thinking, Konami.

On the other hand, it’s too bad this game was in celebration of their anniversaries. Shonen Champion (Saint Seiya, Grappler Baki, s-CRY-ed) is now the lone shonen weekly without game representation.

Shonen Sunday’s involved in this? There has to be a Midori no Hibi character in this, just for laughs.

I’m all for Kekkashi characters~

…but mostly for the female cast?