Invasion Force: The Skrull Team-Building thread!



What teams are you guys planning on building with Super Skrull? I’ll probably be using him on point, since he seems like he’s got an answer to most situations.

I was thinking Arthur for some projectile assistance and Morrigan for her Shadow Blade/Battery assist, depending on how aggressive the opponent is being.


I was building up my with team with Super Skrull with his Orbital Grudge assist along with Dante’s Jam Session Assist, Taskmaster’s Aim Arrow (45 degree angle) assist, and Sentinel’s Sentinel Force (Ground).

So therefore for now it’s Super Skrull, Taskmaster, and Dante or Sentinel.




u bastard u stoled mah teeem

Skrull on stone smite, Ammy on cold star, sent on Rocket punch.



Haven’t played yet. Only sure about the first two.


Spencer/Skrull/Sentinel right now! Sent might get replaced though, I’m keeping my options open.


Skrull/Deadpool/Spidey I’m interested in some Skrull throwing traps and TENDERIZAHS!


Started playing around will Skrull earlier. I liked him a LOT more than I would have expected to (then again, I didn’t expect to like him at all :confused:).

I caught myself in training mode for almost two hours with the team of Super Skrull (Orbital Grudge), Taskmaster (Horizontal shot), and Ryu (Shoryuken). Plenty of really solid, and easy, DHC setups for the team. I think this may be a keeper for the time being. :smiley:


Skrull (Stone Smite)/ Haggar (Lariat)/ Spidey (I’m not sure yet)

Skrull lack a bit in defence, but Haggar Lariat is a great shield that could setup any compo or hyper with the rigth time. Spidey could help Skrull to extend his ground-into-aerial combo with Web Ball or block the opponent for a little with Web Swing. Also Haggar and Spidey great benefit of Stone Smite for have an OTG assist that relaunch the opponent.

This team have also great DHC: Skrull Torch into either Giant Haggar Press or Maximum Spider, Rapid Fist into Skrull Torch/ Inferno/ Crawler Assault/ Death Penality, Rapid Fist into Skrull Torch into Maximum Spider and a feint DHC (wiffed Skrull Torch into Ultimate Web Throw for some unavoidable air grab damage)


Right now am trying to go with a balanced team with skrull as my main, but dunno who to tag along with… maybe Hulk/thor or ironman/dante, not so sure right know. What do u guys think?

Thinking to go with personal preference in fighting style (something that suits me better ) rather than balance or advantage in matches, after all I play for fun and if I get good? well all the better; just wanted to knew opinions.

Add me to the PSN, but don?t expect much since like I said before I am getting started in this game and don?t have much time to improve (work and all) but ill do my best to get better.(also play SSFIV and other fighting games)


Hey yall, i think it would be a good idea to consider dante in your team purely for his assist. Not sure if you guys took a look at the front page but there is a guy doing skrull combo’s and Dante’s assist is a must do to damage like this.

Check out his ISE Team Combo’s after the Dante ones look at skrull… 100 percent combo’s without even using his hyper 3 (although he does for a few… so stylish :wow:)

YouTube - breatoal’s Channel

PS. I have the biggest fanboy team ever.


I’m experimenting with skrull(stone smite)/spencer(up forward hook shot)/doom(plasma beam) right now, spencer using his up-forward hook shot assist can reel the opponent in after stone smite. How useful that is, i don’t know.


Skrull(Tenderizer)/Trish(Low Voltage)/Viper(Siesmic Gunner).

Vipers Siesmic Gunner works extremely well for OTG setups and his Tenderizer insteads Vipers combos nicely and with Trish’s projectile assist helping to get in. Think this might be my final team.


Hulk / Skrull (OTG Assist) / ???

I can’t figure out my third character, but I’m really digging the near 100% combo in Hulk’s challenge #10 with Skrull as the assist. I like Viewtiful Joe a lot, but I can’t seem to find the right synergy between these two and him.


Skrull (Orbital Grudge) / Taskmaster (Up-shot) / Doom (Molecular Shield)

Team is so good right now. I switch between Skrull and Task on point. Task can help set up incoming AA Elastic Slams (i.e. kill a character with Skrull, call Task to shoot, once they’re done blocking; SLAMSLAMSLAMSLAM SWINGANDASLAM), Doom helps with more coverage to get Skrull in there, Skrull can help Task with Mighty Swing/Swordmaster setups, etc.

So far I’m 10-0 in ranked with these guys. :rofl:


Skrull (Tenderizer)/ Tron (that flame thing)/ Sent (charge)

This time so far just sets up a lot of pressure for skrull to get off his command grab mixups, while also having 2 other characters that hit hard


I have fallen in love with Super Skrull. As i said previously, the team I had been using was Skrull/Taskmaster/Ryu. Today, i started using Magneto over Ryu. My issue is that I’m a very defensive player, and magneto doesn’t really seem to fit in well with me (late-game X-Factor with him helped me out quite a bit). So now I’m curious, for a defensive team built around Skrull, who should I use? I’d like to set up my team as: Skrull at point, second character is backup/good assist. And then the final character is my anchor, for when things get ugly.

I’ve been thinking that Haggar would be solid for my #2 guy, since his lariat seems good to get people off of you, and he can do some damage. But I’m curious as to what others think would be solid for a Skrull-included punishment-style team.


Best Skrull Team is Skrull/Wesker/Trish

Use trish’s hopschoch to lay traps an for the opponent to jump for a free throw if they dont jump free throw, if they call an assist punch it or free throw if your opponent land on a trap combo them, or wait for them to tech for an air throw or a meaty throw with B. Wesker is mainly cleanup as well as decent DHC option. If your battery dies wesker can ocv any team with enough meter. Wesker can also be replaced with sent his assist is good for the block stun the one the missles clear, free throw. Skrull have great zoning with forward and down forward C he is not and aggro character. If he’s on point your team should be turtly/bait and punish. the most important aspect of S.Skrull is forward C. PUNCH THOSE ASSISTS


Trying to rock Skrull (tenderizer) / Hulk (Gamma Charge) / Sentinel (Charge) at the moment.

Doing OK, love Skrull on point. Hulk adds so much pressure which opens up Skrull’s throws and easy tenderizer combo into Inferno.

Hoping to fall in love with Jill or Shuma when released to replace Sentinel.


I’m sharing the same sentiments about Skrull. Dude is awesome, I thought I wasn’t going to like him at first, but once I discovered his mad OTG potential it was a done deal.

I’m running Akuma/Skrull on point with Thor backing up with his Might Smash for the OTG/cross-ups.

I’m pretty ass with Thor, but once I learn him I’m sure it’ll be a lot smoother.

And I’m also looking forward to dat Shuma.