Invasion Force: The Skrull Team-Building thread!



Maybe this will help people build new skrull teams FOR THE EMPIRE


Swear that song sounds JUST LIKE this one.

Did NOT know about the last reset tech in the vid with the dash into the corner>AA ES them back in, ooof! That’s FILTHY.
This should be commonly applied stuff, agreed.


Does Skrull need a strong horizontal neutral assist? I have been playing with Skrull/Vergil/Sentinel and I have started to run into the problem where rushdown characters with something like plasma beam dominate me and I can’t seem to start my game if they get started.

Any tips/tricks?


Sometimes you need it… Jam session causes too much damage scalling but Repulsor Blast works great and it can also help with combo extension into DHC.

I also like Tatsu with Akuma if I have Skrull on point. Tatsu goes through projectile assists to blow them up. Good for confirming the opponent’s assist into meteor smash-Inferno happy birthday.

Right Now I am playing around with Skrull, Ironman, Akuma… pretty fun team. If you use Ironman, Unibeam is pretty bad on damage scaling so I think Repulor is the way to go.

Wait… Don’t Sentinel Drones help with this issue? Or do the beam assists just eat them up?


Maybe I’m not calling drones correctly with Skrull, but it’s been very difficult for me to find the time to even call Sentinel out when I’m facing something like Wolverine/Doom.

I guess my next question is this, then: what do you do to protect something like drones? It’s not like Skrull is slow or anything but it seems like a strong beam assist beats all of his faster options, and his slower options like Rolling Hook will get stuffed by the point character.

ATM this is the only type of matchup I’m having problems with and I really like this team in all other ways, so I want to make it work, but it’s a very important matchup in the current meta, so.


Hmm… what about… Throwing the… streching command punch out right as you hit the assist button… kind of like a disruption tactic to avert the attention away from sentinel.

Or call the assist as you jump and then air dash to divert attention from sent… they will catch on to this tho… gotta mix it up…

I personally would meteor smash down onto that beam assist every chance I get. The Vergil assist should help too. Rapid slash.


You can try Skrull Vergil Strange. Bolts is amazing for both Skrull and Vergil and gives you hard tags to fof loops from both characters.


Hmmm, that team could work as well…I’m not too attached to Sentinel. The only thing I’d be worried about with that team is finding a stylish high damage meter building combo since I doubt bolts are even close to as good for that as drones are. Drones more or less guarantee a good extender at the end for Skrull but do bolts?

I could always go for Skrull/Doom/Strange but that team has like one quarter of the comeback potential that Skrull/Vergil/x has, haha.


You get the ground bounce reset with both assist rapid slash and bolts plus you can dhc to swords for more damage


Doom beam is pretty fast… I see you put doom in there… so you know how to play doom.

Why not just play, Skrull, Vergil, Doom or Skrull, Doom, Vergil???


Doom beam is good but Skrull likes lockdown assist more since most of his best mix ups are unsafe that’s why he is good with drones bolts and spitfire assist


Because that’s really boring, haha. I’m in the process of switching from online only to offline play with friends/at tournaments so I wanted to pick a more unique team that I’d actually want to watch on a stream if it came on.

Thanks to Paulo Junior’s ground bounce reset tutorial I found the following combo with Skrull that does a good amount of damage and is relatively easy (and also works anywhere on screen):
s.:l:, c.:h:, :s:, airdash, j.:h:, j.:s:, stone smite, [stone dunk + rolling hook in corner, or just rolling hook midscreen], call Strange + meteor smash, s.:h:, s.:s:, j.:s:, meteor smash xx inferno
Deals 846,800 damage and builds over a meter.

Now I just need to work on my execution; it’s going to be a while before I stop dropping Vergil/Strange combos…


I don’t know if you already knew this but here is a video showing ways vergil can hard tag dr. strange.


Yep, I saw that one! It’s very easy to hit the raw tags in that video so it’s something I’m definitely going to use and one of the reasons I’m so sold on this team now.

Speaking of tags into Strange, have you seen this video?

I can’t for the life of me hit Strange’s normal after the raw tag. I’m going to play around with Rapid Slash and see if I can improve the setup at all tonight but I doubt it’ll work.


Yea I have not tried that one but it looks like you might have to delay the hard tag then just go into crouching L impact palm. I also think you can hard tag vergil from skrulls throw and convert using high time and bolts but i haven’t tried it let me know if you need any other ideas.


Hey guys im going to be on a stretch of about 3 months of not being able to play marvel and I decided that when I do get the chance to play it again I want to change things up for a fresh new experience. My main team previously is Doom ammy skrull. I have a solid hawkeye too that I used to have anchor instead of skrull until I picked him up. After playing against a billion dooms most of which don’t really know how to play the character I’ve gotten sick of him. I want to run a team of skrull on point with ammy either in middle or anchor. her position is mostly dependent on the 3rd character. Ive seen some cool tech and success with rocket raccoon and thought bout adding him as the middle with spit fire assist. he would benefit from ammy and get chances for high low mixups using cold star lockdown. Also from watching scrubeks play a lot ive noticed that for skrull to be really successful on point he needs to have extended combos to get that first kill without having to blow x factor everytime. My general game plan with a skrull team would be get the first hit and kill the character in a single combo with dhc then be able to x factor kill the second character. Obviously it’s not always possible to do this so resets become a necessity with super skrull to allow me to get a hit, then reset and kill the first character followed by x factor killing the second character and so on. My question is whether or not rocket raccoon is the way to go in this team. Ive also thought about using ryu since hes one of my fav characters and I have good experience using him or also trying hawkeye on anchor with ammy in the middle. Ive used both of those characters extensively and feel comfortable with them but I forsee problems with getting the damage necessary to kill opposing point characters reliably without having to burn x factor every time. I have ideas for skrull combo extensions with the possible teams but cant test them out since I don’t have access to an xbox or tv so if anyone wants to help out n test some things or just chat about skrull and ammy team possibilities let me know cus id really appreciate it!!


If you want a skrull ammy team the best one is probably skrull strange ammy if you want a hawkeye anchor team then skrull vergil hawkeye or skrull spencer hawkeye are probably two of the best that fit your criteria of being able to kill from one touch.


So I’ve been wanting to give Skrull a try, but I have no idea how to build a good Skrull team with the characters that I play which are Dante, Doom, Nova, Strider, Wesker, Wolverine, and Vergil. Anybody got any suggestions for what teams could be built with these characters and what assists would be best?


Skrull doom vergil is probably the best team you could make out of those characters but really X/doom/vergil will make any character look good.


What do you guys think of skrull vajra?. Zero and strider are my best characters. Level 2 skrull could probably wreck shop