Investors want Microsofts new CEO to kill Xbox, Bing and Surface


All I can say is:


It’s a shame about the Surface, though. It really is a great tablet, but Windows RT is shit and the Pro versions are too expensive to permeate the market. I would love one, personally, but $1K to have one that doesn’t have about 2GB of memory? Not in this life.

I dunno about Xbox, though. I gave mine away last year and never looked back.


the surface is amazing, and I really want one. It’s a laptop in tablet form.

And it really shits on the Ipad. It’s easily the best tablet I have ever used. Hopefully I can coop one.


Bing is whats used to show peoples location on FB if theyre using a cellphone. KILL IT!


haha xbox sucks dicc


What’s the difference between Surface Pro, and the tons of Windows 8 tablets for $500 or less? I have a Samsung Win 8 tablet, it’s an iPad lookin thing with full x86 compatibility.


This would be a stupid move for xbox. Didn’t gates initiate the console war to try and gain a lead. They were losing money with the xbox original, losing money or barely breaking even with the xbox 360, and now should be catching up with sony with the xbox one. It’d be stupid to quit when you’re actually beginning to turn into a threat. Proof, here on srk, there’s no ps4 padhack and a shit ton of padhacks wanted for the one :).


The Xbox division at Microsoft barely makes any money. So little money in fact, if Microsoft were to axe the Xbox division right now they wouldn’t even feel it.

From what I’ve read, investors want the money that’s used on the Xbox division on something else. The Xbox brand is making next to no money for Microsoft, and they believe if they were to invest it on practically anything else, they could make more money, which is why investors want to axe the Xbox division of the company. “Trim the fat” if you will.

Three generations of online paywalls and these guys are still only breaking slightly above even. :rofl:


Does it give you full administrative powers straight out the box?
fully open source os?

  1. Xbox isn’t a company

  2. Gates didn’t start any console war. He didn’t even instigate the 6th gen console wars because nobody cared about a console made by software developers.

  3. Accessibility of pad hacks don’t dictate the quality of a console.

  4. You’re a fucking retard.

All in all, Xbox shills are getting their micro dicks in a knot over these rumours. I hope the Xbox goes away, leaving Sony and Ninny to duke it out or leaving the spot open for another competitor (Samsung). Hopefully the white middle class peckerwoods and Toms will leave gaming if MS drops out.


Sell Xbox to SegaSammy, all will be right in the video game world.


All consoles should die a quick death already. Not just the bone.
I passionately hate no backwards compatibility, region locking, and console exclusivity that console continue to promote.
All games should just be made for pc, tablet, and smartphone hardware.
die die die please.


And the dreamcast 2 plan begins…


lol mad much. Just going off what I read a while back. Xbox being shutdown would be horrible for consumers because it’s the main competition of Playstation. If it went then we’d be left with crappy wii u and dominating playstations which would just raise the prices of their console because why not? No competition.


Even though I am a PS/google kind of guy I hope both xbox and bing stick around to keep pushing PS/google to stay competitive.


That’s understandable since they started late. Give them a few more years and they will start making money (more money). I’m not a xbox fan but I’d rather that be around then only sony taking over everything.


Bing is the only good thing about despicable MS.
Only thing they done right in 20+ years.
Best way to search a video is with Bing, fyi.
It sure as hell isn’t Chrome that’s for damn sure.
All Chrome does is advertise its bullshit youtube videos first and foremost in results no matter how irrelevant the results to what you searched for.

Suck a dick Chrome. Google search in general.

And fuck you Facebook. Most useless intrusive website ever. God I wish it would die like Myspace already. Way past due.
As for you, shame on you for even using Facebook.
Facebook is for spazzes & dweebs.
None of the cool kids these days still use it.
You should know better.

2nd edit:
Fuck Google+


lol If it wasn’t for the RLoD fiasco, 360 would have made a killing. Hell, it did well enough last gen.

No way are they killing off the XBOX division, RIGHT after investing billions into it and JUST launching it.


Its just more PS4 fanboys getting their dicks hard…


Bing is probably gonna go, but Surface/Xbox is part of their future along with Nokia/Windows Phone. They believe strongly in what their devices can offer as far as consumer experiences, so they’re not going anywhere.

Microsoft can afford to weather a storm. These other companies, not so much. Investors are probably some rich dinosaurs that don’t see the point of tablets/consoles anyway.