Invincibility Frames


Let’s all make a thread about special moves that have invincibilty frames WITHOUT roll cancel. See if we can have ourselves a complete list.

I’ll be the first to state the obvious: Dragon punches (or kicks in Joe’s case). Do some HP/HK versions have lengthy startup frames where they aren’t invincible?

Ken’s command roll: Does it have invicibility from the start? I don’t think so… the startup frames for it seem to be quite long.

Anything else?


Kens roll is only good for 2 things:

  2. get under high tiger shot.

but Terrys Buster Wolf hasa VERY VERY useful invinc frame to it. go right though a projectile and rape the opponenet


There r no moves that r invisible at startup w/o RC, thats the point of RCing.


yes there are, idiot. DPs for one.

another one is Yun’s close standing roundhouse, i went through a fireball with it the other day. i guess thats to compensate for its suckyness?


Yun’s close standing RH isn’t invincible. But there are plenty of moves in the game that have invincibility in one way or another. Some moves are fully invincible, while others just have the characters top half of his body invincible, and others just the bottom half.

Also other moves that have invincibility are Guard Cancel Attacks(C, S, N have this ability) at startup.


Ah Pokes You not faming you but they are MANY moves that have invincibility even though some have it to a small degree. For example with Ken I’ve SRKed through a LV.3 Shinku Hadoken, Shining Knuckle, and Messatsu Gou Shoryuu.:o


-Raiden shoulder charge
-Blanka b+KK hop
-Ryo, Iori, Ken, Ryu, Sagat HP DP
-Akuma, Bison teleport
-Honda jab headbutt and buttsplashes
-Rock rage run shift

Those are the ones I can think of that have invincible startup for sure. Anybody have anymore?

Ken’s command roll is not useless. Whoever said that needs to stop using Ken.


Care to enlighten? I’ve heard stuff like mixing it up between normal roll to trick the opponent, but if you get hit during the startup frames…

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I don’t use Ken but it has a use in his super cancels. Other than that i have no idea


Ken commad roll is a great RC. I mean whats not to love, its a roll with less hitable atartup frames and ends quicker than his real roll.

{Opps the long command roll is a good rc sometimes too}


Well smart guy, ken’s command roll has many uses, roll under fb’s, u can cancel normals into short command roll to keep the pressure on, u can cross up with it and if u rc the short roll us still have a little bit of invincibility coming out of it. So basically rc short roll is pretty damn useful


Speaking of Joe’s DP+K special, I believe this move has the most invicibility in the game(or very close to it). I beat all kinds of lvl3 supers with his roundhouse tiger kick. I’ll even do it before the super freeze sometimes and beat them. I’m not sure if it’s invicibility, hitbox, or a combination of both that makes it so good.


Yes you are correct, even though it’s startup is very long for a DP it’s pure invincibility at startup makes up for it.:smiley:


My friend did a rh uppercut with Joe through a Gigaton blow at start-up. That was homo :confused:


Kyo’s dp and Ryos dp have no invincibility. Hibiki’s KKK dodge has invul. frames and alot of level 2 supers, all level 3 supers have invincibility. Zangief’s PPP has invincibility also.


kyo’s dp does have invinciblity


I don’t think it does, but Im not sure. But Ill say one thing, if a shoryuken has invinciblity, kyo’s and ioris fireball should, if not, that is what I call Capcom favored bullshit


I love snk. I also love spamming capcom message boards full of useless info.


i cant believe u guys forgot irritating honda
how about rock’s rage shift
does yun’s shoulder charge have any?
terry’s rising tackle?


God Damn! Joe’s Tiger Knee(RoundHouse) has massive invuneriblity. DAMN!

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