Invisible charge bar leads to inconsistent charge partitions

After using Japanese lua script that enables you to see invisible charge bars (and other useful stuff) I found out that invisible orange bar makes your charge partitions inconsistent. I will explain how this invisible charge bar works.

Upper 2 bars represent Back to Forward charge. Lower 2 bars represent Down to Up charge.

Orange Bar is paused only when you’re charging, in other words, it is almost always moving, empties itself and replenishes over and over. When you charge, you use blue bar and when blue bar is empty, the charge is ready. When orange bar is empty, blue bar resets. If blue bar is empty (charge is ready) and you begin to charge again, the orange bar resets.

If you understood all this, you will see the problem. If you try charge, dash, charge again and then do special move when invisible orange bar is nearly empty, you might fail to perform charge move. Why? Because orange bar got empty which resets blue bar while you dashed, and then you couldn’t do special move after dash.

I tested this with tool-assistance at different times of match and at one point my dash charge didn’t work. All because I started charging when invisible orange bar was almost empty. If your dash charge special move doesn’t work in real match, don’t always assume you didn’t do the inputs it properly. Have in mind that this doesn’t mean all charges are inconsistent. Because blue and orange bar resets after you let go of back or down input (depending on special move), it means that as soon as one charge is over, orange bar is full and ready for another charge.

TL;DR: Basically, your charge may not work only if orange bar is near the end and you want to do some tricky charge partition.

It is easiest to understand what I said if you simply try it yourself, so download FBA-rr and that Japanese script. In FBA-rr, open “New Script Lua Window” and load “3rd_training_20120212.lua” file. In match, press and hold start button for menu and choose “Tame view”.

Always feels fine regardless.
You’d think with this that it would be possible to mistime partitions with extreme ease. Somehow that isn’t the case.

sounds like what ryan was talking about here:

so in that case I’d expect any charge partition setups you create need to start with resetting the bar. otherwise sometimes your setup will work, sometimes not.

It depends on how fast can you do charge, dash, charge moves. If you do it very fast, you will lose least amount of orange bar, so you can perform it most of the times except when orange bar was really low.

If you try something like, charge, long walk, charge, you will probably fail most of the times, but it depends on how long that walk was (because at the time you were walking, orange bar was moving). So, it depends what kind of charge you’re doing. Remy’s machine gun, Q’s grab combo, Urien’s combo aren’t really affected by this since blue and orange bars reset after you let go of charge button after full charge. If your charge combo has a lot of breaks during a full charge, it has less chance to work.

This also affects Chun-Li’s Lightning kicks since those work in similar way as charge partition. You need 5 kicks but you can press Kick 4 times, dash, press once more and do it instantly. If I were to do long walk and then 5th kick, I would need luck for it to work.

Of course it’s inconsistent! If it was consistent, then charge partitioning would be super easy.

Please read my post in the Chun Li forum about walking lightning legs. There is explanation about how to reset the charge meter so you can get the meter to be exactly where you want it to be. Basically manually resetting the bar to get what you want to work.

Charge bar gets reset after you let go of charge button when charge was ready, when you do super move and when you parry.

We’ve been partitioning charges for 14 years just fine.

What’s the point of this?

Just pointing out something people might not know.

Nothing new here, but all those information are mixed in some other threads in this forum and can be hard to find.
Would have been a better idea to post this in System mechanism though.
Btw, a similar ‘inconsistent’ mechanism exists for 360/720 too…

This reminds me of the inconsistency found in stunning characters in SF2. There is a kinda random element that causes certain combos to stun sometimes but not others.

@Ryukenden Hayabusa

What are some LUA scripting I can use to record the dummy in FBA-rr? I tried getting the default scripting to work and it wouldn’t go.

Definitely MacroLua. I used it to make combo videos.

Do you know if this charge bar is what the developers of the actual game may have used? Like is it one of the debugging tools or whatever or was it something they latched on to the game, meaning they used all new variables and are costing the machine more processing power? Because if so that might explain your desync.

And if that IS the case then you might want to use an animation frame to determine when you are set to headbutt again because you don’t want to develop a wandering eye.

im sure its just an ad hoc display, and its emulated anyway so youre already gonna suffer timing issues :confused:

No, because I tested it with tool-assistance, using MacroLua to be sure.

No, what?

Tool assistance isn’t going to change anything. It’s going to be the same because it’s still a joystick/pad/peripheral input.

pherai almost looks like peripheral.

but we all know pherai is godgouki

Wasnt there a way to reset the orange bar or was that proven false?

No, MacroLua does not change the game system. Japanese lua script doesn’t invent orange and blue bars, it only shows what has been invisible to player.

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Yes, there are several ways. Read what I wrote earlier.

Omg that was the greatest video I have ever seen.

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