Invisible Children Inc


Hey guys, I don’t know if someone in the community knows about this, but I thought I would share some information about this thing.

The video above informs about a African criminal named Joseph Kony, an evil war criminal who is responsible for many murders, abductions, and overall fear into the country of Uganda. A brave filmmaker, after meeting one of countless children who was abducted, has decided to spread the word about this criminal and take action. He needs support to do this task and I have decided to join his cause, so many won’t have to suffer.

Please, if you can kill 28 minutes, watch the video posted above and share with as many people as you can. It’s not a forced thing, but its a great way to change someone’s life for the better and make the world a much better place.

This hit me really hard because I am also African (although not from Uganda) and nobody deserves to suffer because of someone in power militarily. I don’t want to know that people are suffering because someone didn’t rise up and help innocent people who didn’t pose a threat to anyone.

The Invisible Children Inc. also has a Facebook page, so if you guys have Facebook, you can join and provide much needed support.

Again, the choice is completely up to you whether you want to join or not, but it feels good to share this information with people that I know can help others…

It should be pointed out that because of the people behind this, the US Government has already done something. That’s right, they’re doing it because the people want it, not for financial gain or security.

Woah, Deadmau5 just tweeted this like 5 seconds ago.
Inb4 this thing gets a decent amount of support.
Will watch tomorrow. No time left today.

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Often times, African visa requests are sent with pornographic pictures. Like, here is your proof, Americans. We are in love. Look at her- she loves it!

Could somebody explain a couple things to me?

  1. This guy has been at large for YEARS, and I mean years. His actions have been widely publicized for years as well. Why is this JUST being brought to public attention now and why are we JUST making such a big deal out of it now? Shouldn’t we have been making a big deal out of it back when he was at large and not, y’know, on the run?

  2. Why the fuck are we targetting this man specifically? Are we under the impression that arresting him will fix everything? Someone will quickly take his place upon his arrest. And let’s not forget that Uganda is FAR from the only place in the world where child soldiers fight against their will. Like come on folks, let’s not target this one man but the use of child soldiers as a whole…

  1. It’s Africa, western world only remembers about it when random celebrity climbs Mt Kilimanjaro at Christmas, when there is a terror threat, or when the African Cup of Nations is on.


Inb4 celebs wake up and tweet this.

But unsure why its taking so dam long for this to get exposed but i guess this is final days for this idiot.

Things get exposed only by how much the media wants to cover it or how much people want to search. I remember reading about this guy a long time ago but I thought he died of old age or something. Learn something new everyday.

Invisible Children: Saw their Booth at a Warp tour, gave them tons of shit, found out they were legit, bought the DVD to support.

inb4 inb4 posts.


Looks like a scam.

It’s not really saying it’s a scam.It’s saying it’s a good cause, but it’s not going about it the right way and there may be better ways to help these people in Uganda and points out alternative ways to support Invisible Children.

i remember wanting to be involved with invisible children back in the day. i still got my t-shirt from like 10th grade lol. i still want their bracelets now that i think about it…

Wasn’t there an episode of true life or MADE with an invisible children supporter? Don’t even remember what it was all about. Guess I just miss true life. Should see if it’s still around.

SWEET BABY! my feed has blown the fuck up. everyone was down with it literally yesterday for all of 7 hours now the internet has gone full sarcastic asshole. who the fuck cares what i do with my own money that i worked for.

Just watched the video. Kind of an interesting way to expose someone. I want to see this work out…but why arrest the man, when a bullet works just as well?

cause us goverment doesnt really mess with africa.

as someone said africa is such a clusterfuck and it’s arguably not worth getting involved bcuz if you send money/aid it will be diverted by the corrupt despot. and if you decide to topple the despot people in other countries are immediately like “hey, our guy is just as bad (if not worse). help us, too!” (and other countries that you’re not particularly close with get concerned with your disregard for a nation’s sovereignty). this is pretty much what’s happening in syria as we speak.

hence we rarely get out shit together unless everyone in the un/nato is bitching at us to help…or oil is involved.

i cant remember what country is it, but i do know their was one african country we helped purely because their descendants were slaves from america that were either sent there forcefully or willingly. but i do know america felt they had a responsibility to help cause they were from here.

Yea i saw this earlier today did the donation ect.
Really fucked but not really anything new sadly.