invisible ....

how to setup invisible ?? you know that it took long start up and recovery …

all i know using 12 with invisble was .

NEVER use invisble after XFLAT …

you can use invisible after XNDL …

abuse ndls ( worthless ) … especially when opponent jump

poke ? well … you can’t see yourself and he can’t see you …

any tips to share ?

Personally, I almost never use it, mostly because it takes forever to set up and it’s not free ANYTHING. In the time that you could’ve been dashing in to start wakeup/mixup, or charging meter or something, instead you end up on the other side of the screen and semi-invisible. Yay.

The problem is that unless your opponent is a complete scrub, they can just wait it out without much of a problem. Toss a fireball, turtle up, whatever. You might get a throw out of it, yay. But if they watch the screen move, they can probably guess where you are. And if you air-dash, they will hear you.

It’s just not worth it for me. There’s a billion other things you could be doing that will actually benefit you. No reason to waste time with it.

N - Unless you have a secret plan to Instant SA2 him in the face. That would be Top Tier.

I’ll turn invisible after a throw and mess with EX NDL or EX Dive, I just think it’s funny.

that’s what i normally do …

doing XFLAT as a sudden attack in stealth mode , and you hit em’ …

you are top tier , and the opponent is embarrassed …
and it is hard to do …

invisible is possibly a chance to fool your opponent by doing c.strong for charging meter . so what would they do if you are charging your meter , while invisible ??

throwing projectiles, or other ways to pressure you back, and please don’t say “well i’ll throw out an SA2 then” cause if you had it then why would you need to charge meter.

i think the best time to get your taunt in though is definately after a match, he disappears like a ninja after a well earned victory :smiley:


well yeah … i would abuse c.roundhouse and UOH while invisible …

invisible victory …heh , yeah …

I think he means after the other guy is dead, disappear by using taunt. Taunting is also pretty safe from his backwards throw I think. Not too difficult to set up (unless you throw them into the corner and they land next to you) I don’t like using ex-dives because if your opponent is smart, he can see Twelve’s eye flicker and block (or parry) into combo->super, which isn’t the best thing to have happen to you. NDL’s are good and s.roundhouse… or just regular jumps toward and throw. If you’re feeling slick you can NDL under his fireball while you’re invisible…

when twelve is unseen

what they do mostly was walking back and forth , they seldom jump

and fireballs !

if you can manage to corner him … that’s …sick

Trust me, you really shouildn’t EVER taunt in the middle of a game, its a gamble for you and the other player, and if there’s one thing you NEVER want to do with a character with suck low stamina is gamble.

so therefore, like i said before, if you really are obsessed with using twelve’s taunt use it after you win.

But i have to admit it’s pretty fun to turn invisable when playing casual play, but don’t include it in your strategy if your playing for real :P.

ps. i’ve started playing twelve again and been working on my air dash control :D. I can Air dash like a mad man given i don’t fight anyone like urien or shotos :P. I’m still way too unconfident in useing my IAD towards the oppenent, i seem to get hit all the time by people who just mash their meter builder normals :(.

Low (not instant) Air-Dash fierce is good for when you’re trying to outprioritze someone. Just try to hit them with the tip.

Also, to cover up what you’re doing, do a lot of backwards IAD roundhouses, just to build meter. Then they don’t know if you’re going to come at them or go backwards. Likesay:

B-IAD rh, B-IAD rh, NDL (just to keep them busy), B-IAD rh, AD fierce

That’s a lot of movement just to get a little meter and maybe hit them, but hey. It’s Twelve. Gotta work for it.


a friend of mine told me the scariest thing about the twelve player he played at ECC (the one i thought was you) was that he would IAD foward into whiffed rh into the BnB combo (, qcb j, SA1). I dunno, really do like playing twelve just because he’s so god damn fun with his air dash, and he has tricks you can basicly make up on the fly (like whiffing something on accident, or accidentally crossing up someone and using that to your advantage).

I wish there was more 12 competition footage out there, i might even find a way to make some of my own :P. When you play everdred or for that fact if you play anyone at EVO PLEASE record it!!!

Never, taunt with Twelve constantly. It gives Twelve no advantage and has a bad wind-up time. It can be good to confuse your opponent and play mind games. Use this move after a successful throw, EX N.D.L. or X.N.D.L. for best results. As long as your opponent is knocked down and far away, then you are safe to taunt. If you are close as well had an unsuccessful attack that whiffed, parried or blocked, then theres a good chance for the opponent to counter Twelve. You need to deliver a successful hit from far away to set-up this move.