Invitation TO Ricky Ortiz

A warm greeting ah this community of fitghter, the reason for this chain is for knowing if the possibility that exists Ricky Ortiz can visit ours country since is not possible by reasons that they prevent us

we know that somewhat dificil to understand but we want to demotrar our level in CAP versus snk 2 and want to see because average we can bring it, we knew that To Umehara Daigo ocacion was invited in one France and want to see if it is possible that Dominican Republica comes.

The only thing I could come up to answer to that was the Captain Planet call but I’m not in the mood for getting banned.


spanglish in the house

Why? You guys couldn’t afford to buy his change purse.

let me translate this for our dominican friend

“Couldnt the purse of his bag change, we not having the money too get it not right now”

the best I could get from this was

“we suck at CVS2 and we want to see how bad we suck at it. So can you please send Ricky Ortiz over here to destory us all. KTHXBYE”

Either that or they want to get him over there and butt secks him.

Either way it’s a trap.

Best thread ever.

I understood every word.

Yo Ricky, let’s roll. Theres fame/money/power to be made!

:rofl: LOL ASS RAPE HIM!! “Quote”…

The guy is just not good at typing English. All of the derogatory comments are self-serving, since he probably doesn’t understand them. A better start to this possibility (if there is any at all…) is to have an ambassador who types better English.

For anyone who doesn’t know, wepeel is a REAL ambassador! Somewhere In Asia I think.

Come back to Norcal. I wanna OCV you!

I think your best course of action would be:

Throw a couple fundraising tourneys.
Keep some or even all the entry fees, w/e the players are cool with.
Buy him a plane ticket.

First thing to do of course would be to see if he’s even willing to make the trip.