Inxpensive Joysticks for Sale

Hey everyone,

I saw this posted this morning and I was wondering if anyone knows how good/bad these sticks are?

Also does anyone know how hard/easy they are to mod if someone wanted too?


They’re fairly good. You should buy one if you want the portability or you don’t have $100 to drop on a TE. However the buttons are pretty crap and you’ll have to at least replace the buttons which will set you back another $20. If you just bought a TE, you would have all Japanese parts (including a Sanwa joystick) ready to go and no soldering or case hacking required. You should factor that in.

I got so excited when I read "the Hori Xbox360 Fighting Stick EX 2 is only $9.99."

ex2… why isnt it 9.99$ i wanted to get one for a friend.