Iori combo's



What combo’s can Iori do and go straight to his super?(quarter circle foward to half circle back+punch).


I do s.LP, s.LP, d.LK xx super. The s.LP is a cheap, cheap 2 frame move. Use it often.

Also do d.LK, d.LK xx super from maximum possible range. Close s.HP xx super after a command grab.


Are there any good cross up combo’s I can do?


a good one to do is. the grab thing(hcb f p) c.HP then special.


a sweet looking one is command grab,, towards and xx super.
iori is the crossup master with his back lk.


You mean jumping cross-ups? Don’t worry about those so much. It’s not that big a part of Iori’s game. Strong Iori players are better off playing for the ground control.

The only good setup for the j.b+LK cross-up is after a knockdown. But even then, going for an ambiguous LP+LK roll cross-up or meaty qcf+LP is usually the better option.

If you try to cross me up while I’m still standing, I’m going to DP you for free every time.

If you absolutely must use the j.b+LK, do it high to tick a command grab. Do it deep to combo a close s.LP after. Jump over the fallen opponent and don’t do the j.b+LK at all sometimes, but go low or straight into command grab too.


timings a bit tricky but,, into maiden masher is purdy


U r better of just doing c.shortx3xxxmaiden masher