Iori DLC compatibility


I want to gift a friend of mine with the Iori dlc but he lives in the UK. I heard som erumors that its region locked and I wanted to know if there was any truth to this?


You need to purchase the DLC from whatever region your disc belongs to.

EU KoF XIII = EU Store for DLC
JP KoF XIII = JP Store

Pretty sure it’s this way for any game.


Hmm wouldn’t know. But I recall someone having the jp kofxiii and bought the iori dlc on a us account and it worked. The game seems to be region free so I’d say it’s a safe bet.


I got 2 completely different answers. So maybe I should go for it?



Oh so psn doesnt. I assumed you were going to get it on xbox live. My example was for xbox live not psn.


I can only see Mr Karate in the in game dlc menu, I’m in the UK. where can I find ex Iori?

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