Iori Yagami



I’m starting a new Iori thread, since I started playing him and I have some doubts.

I use at A-Groove, I’ve seen some good CC’s, but I don’t know how to do them (that dp+P XX s.HK XX roll…). I do the basic f+mp repetitions and reseting sometimes.

I would like to know 3 things, basically
1- good CC’s
2- Match ups/Match Downs
3- How to kick Vega’s ass

thank you in advance :pleased:


is it true that his close standing fierce is good AA vs Vega?


undefinedThanks you for making this thread. Iori is the best on KOF’s. I love to play as him. :karate:


What about K groove iori pepole say that u can use any one in k groove does the same apply to Iori?


1- good CC’s
The CC you’re looking for is the japanese anti air.
[dp+lp xx, roll, dp+lp xx c.hp] x2, [sj lp x4]x2, super.
2- Match ups/Match Downs
Bad match ups for Iori: 1.Blanka, 2. Bison.
3- How to kick Vega’s ass
hmm. donno.


You can use Iori in K but he is mainly best with grooves with rolls since he has one of the best rolls in the game and roll cancel rekkas add alot to his mix up. Which is why N is his best. Roll, low jump, roll cancels, run, builds meter really fast due to a good bnb. But yeah, play K-Iori if you want. Whatever suits you. Find your own style.