Iori's BnBs



Hey… i’ve been playing Iroi for a bit now, and i’ve really come to like his aggressive playing style, but i would really appreciated it if someone could list ALL of Iroi’s bread and butters. thank you


d. short x 3, rekken kens
d. short x 3, maiden masher
s. jab, s. fierce, rekken kens

these are the ones I use


ACtually, most people I see use short, jab, short into Rekkas because it flows better. I think the jab does a pixel more of damage too. Also looks cooler.

Also, you should know that you can do stand MP->toward+MP into rekkas. That’s more damaging than a fierce.

Also, you can link two low MP’s together into rekkas. That’s painful.

Easiest way to combo maiden masher is using C. MK. That’s a super only cancel move, hits low, and it pretty quick. It’s pretty brain dead.

You can also crossup B+Short, Stand Fierce, Rekkas.

fun stuff


Completely unpractical, but does about the same damage as jab, fierce xx rekkas:
-c.short x 2, c.strong xx fierce rekkas

Remember to always do fierce rekkas. More damage than the others.


Always do fierce rekkas in combos yes, but i’d like to point out that just whipping out fierce rekkas when you know they aren’t going to combo is asking for punishment, but i’m sure you Iori players have had that happen more than once hehe. Use jab rekkas and vary the speeds to fool opponents or just to move in.

Also, you guys left out the BnB combo that I see all the time, which is m.punch -> f + m.punch -> any combo finisher, preferrably fierce rekkas or maiden smasher. The two medium punches just look so sweet and come out nicely. After the shoto newbs whif a DP, they feel the pain. :evil:


#1 Read my post.

#2 The first rekka (any strength) is always safe. The second one has about a -12 frame disadvatage when blocked. The third one… heh. While being a top down attack, it can be DP even if the opponent was blocking… and the lag time afterwards is just plain horris.

#3 if you want to “move in” with Rekkas… just ROll cancel them.


I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the Scum Gale yet. You can land just about anyone of those combos that don’t push you too far back right after you grab them.


Heh, I think any iori player can attest to the insane vulnerability after a blocked 3rd fierce rekka. I still like to finish, rarely, if I know the guy has no clue it’s an overhead attack.

Also, how many frames of roll do you have before you can cancel into a rekka. I’ve heard of this on some other post but I can’t remember or find the post. May have been a different forum. And, how effective is that manuever at “tricking” your opponent into thinking you’re rolling and dropping their guard? I’m just trying to find some uses for such a cool move.

I agree on the scum gale, but the freakin’ xbox control doesn’t give me the response I need to pull off anything fancy in those few frames. I suppose i’m going to have to break down and order an arcade stick.


oh. if you’re playing on Xbox… I don’t think you can roll cancel.


Guess I should have realized that after trying it for an hour last night lol. Oh well, i’m slow. Thanks.


what do u mean by “rekken kens” is that the deadly flower thing ? the 3 QCB punches ? and “d.short” is that like c.short ? down = croutching ?

and thanks to all u guys who are posting… these BnB’s are AWESOME… i just cant seem to set up maiden smasher very well w/o the comand grab, or just have them jumping into it…


Never use lvl 1 Maiden Mashers. It does ASS damage. I think it’s only a pixel’s difference from the fierce rekkas.


Hey, I use Iori!

stand jabs x 3, rekka kens

More damage than the low kicks. Must have some special priorities or something too, because I’ve seen this combo used a lot at EVL.


What are the advantages of using 3 jabs as an opener to the rekkas as opposed to his command combo strong -> f. strong opener?


close fierce, rekka ken

close strong, f+strong, rekka ken

can also be preceded with a crossup b+short



get off your high horse and check your attitude at the door. Plus, you didn’t answer my question genius. I didn’t ask the difference, I asked what the advantages/disadvantages were. Since you don’t appear to be very bright, I’ll break it down further. What situations would you guys suggest using the 3 jab opener over the double strong opener and vise versa. Everyone but kcxj feel free to respond, only average intelligence and higher please.


Jabs are easier to use to hit people than with strong. THat’s what he meant. Anyone with above average/high intelligence level would know what he meant, especially with the Ryu example he gave.


so the advantages of the jab starter is it’s quickness and ease of execution, whereas the strong comes out a little slower. So if an opponent does something with quite a bit of lag time, it would be wiser to throw in the extra damage with the strongs. I think that’s what you meant gandido.

I still say kcxj didn’t answer my question, all he said was a jab is a jab and a strong is a strong. Thanks captain obvious. I know it was a simple question, but gandido broke it down the way i wanted, thanks.

Dude, maybe you can help me out with ym CC stuff im trying out. made a thread about it if you wanna put in your two cents. thanks.


Right on man, I’m finding iori’s built in command cross up to be an awsome tool. The newbs just don’t seem to be able to block it. And some of the higher ranked players i’ve seen on Live don’t even see it coming when I only use it once or twice a match. If I hit them low enough, it flows nicely into some jabs into rekka kens.

#20,, rekka kens,, maiden masher

close fp, demon scorcher

A scum gale used in the beginning before any of the listed combos help set things in motion.