Iori's Chip CC



i want to know if i am doing it correctly.

i cancel each DP on the 2nd hit, on the VO A Groove Guide it tells me to get ready to launch the guy into the air with lp dp and into a super. i dont have enough meter to do that. I usually to DPs untill the end and cancel it into a lp dp(outside CC making the gaurd crash)… anytips? im using the HP Dp chip version…


I dunno… the chip CC I do is hcb hk over and over and over… do it fast…


that isnt effective. i like the DP chip… it looks so cool…hahaha


Try it with the mp version it seem to guard crush faster.


yeah, i saw on some thing it says do it with LP… thats fuckin insane, i tried… i could only get like 3 in. Im gonan practice them MPs today…


I would use mp, and I also make sure to start it on an opponent that does not have a full guard bar. That way, you’ll crush that pesky blanka everytime and land your super.


MP is good, but HP version is easier and gets the job done. i tested the lp version(which is a total major bitch to do. on speed 1) it does 100% chip and leaves u 1 launched DP xx to maiden masher. so LP would the be correct way to do it, but its hard.