Ioris weaknesses

A couple of “duh” questions here:
Does Iori have any weaknesses?
Who is on his fear list?

I use N/K Sagat, akuma, Eagle, sometimes cammy, sometimes ken and I always get pounded by this one Iori player… I can hold my own against the rest of their team, but Iori is always the last one and I always get pounded horribly :sad:

Blanka is his worst match up. Bison is 2nd.

I had a feeling it would be charge characters. I stink with Bison the most :frowning:

Iori is God like…lol

Bison maybe Blanka Hell no Blanka gets owned by Iori, to to the fact blanka’s rolling ball attack leaves him so vulnerable to attacks afterward a perfect setup for A-Goove users. even going up against top tier players, turtling is the best way to use any charger, whiffing will make the opponent guessing and may even lead to slip ups, Iori overall Kicks ass for aggressive type players. i use team rib’s ahaha what taste. Ryu, Iori, And Bison. An Effective rush technique is qcf+1 then hcb+ K dont abuse it just keep in mind(this is also way effective and can be abused countless times by G.Rugal Players)

to beat an iori player might want to go defense because when i use iori im pure agression and offense

same here… i think all iori players r like that