[iOS and Android] Frame Assistant Tool - Free USF4 Frame Data app

Hey guys!

Checked the rules and saw some similar posts for software so I figure I’m good here! :slight_smile: If not, sorry mods, please feel free to delete or PM or whatever. I don’t make any profit off the app so I don’t gain anything from this thread bar helping people out.

I’ve been working on Frame Assistant Tool for about 5 months now, and I released it for free on Android a month ago. The response has been amazing, and I recently also released on iOS too.

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/frame-assistant-tool/id886775464
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fullmeter.fat

Link for both: http://fullmeter.com

My Frame-Data is dynamically loaded with JS into tables, which means a tiny footprint and very speedy loading. It also means that you can filter out moves by type. I update it whenever someone points out inconsistencies and it also includes data from the unannounced change list present in this forum.

My Notes taking section isn’t a simple notepad. Each character’s data is kept completely separate from the other, for example data you enter in the Akuma > Ryu match will NOT show up in the Ryu > Akuma match.

On top of all that, FAT has a punish calculator, frame-trap calculator and link calculator.

On top of all that, the entire thing is free. You can donate via the IAP if you want, but I don’t really mind. Please let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


super rad, good job!

having damage, stun, invincibility, etc. on the frame data tab would help a lot. If I’m using your app I don’t want to check another resource for move properties. I know it’s not primarily a frame data app, but that section seems like it’s so close to being fully fleshed out and just isn’t.

can the delete have some sort of confirm on the matchup notes? the app was going slow for a bit, and my finger happened to be resting over the delete button when i brought some particular notes back up and I deleted about 20 minutes worth of work by accident.

I’m loving the app though and recommending it to people.

Its good app I actually found it the day you released it.

It would be great to have the frame data displayed like SF4AEBits app i.e. sortable in columns by startup ascending / descending.

Yes, this is coming in 1.0.6. I’m going to put that data under the character profile banner I think.

Great suggestion, and easy to implement, I’ll put it in 1.0.5 (Sunday if you’re on Android)

Thanks dude, I really appreciate the love!

This is interesting, I’ll certainly look into it.

Ver 1.0.5 now pushed through to Android store, will be up in about 2 hours.

  • New Feature - Character Move List Mode! In the same style as the Frame-Data tables.
  • Gave the dark theme a big redesign, looks pretty slick now. Gave light theme a bit of a touch-up while I was at it
  • Added a delete info confirm in the characters notes section.
  • Fixed a few little typos in the FD DB

Let me know if you see any errors in anything. Thanks guys.

This app is legit, I’ve been using it shortly after it was released and I’ve been recommending it to friends ever since. No complaints or suggestions from me, just want to leave a nice comment brah :slight_smile:

Wow thanks alot man…This will be useful AND it’s free!? I love the FGC :slight_smile:

i just downloaded the app. i was hoping you could explain the frame trap menus plz…

Have you tried reading the help boxes (tap the question mark in the top right corner)? Pretty thorough explanation there. Unless you’re asking about how I do it.

Dudley’s move list has his machine gun blow listed as qcf when it’s hcf. Should be a quick fix for you.

Ver 1.0.6 is available to download on the Play Store!

  • Added “Character Stats” to the top of Frame Data mode - You can now view a characters health, stun, wUltra scaling and various dash info
  • Fixed an error with DeeJay’s cr.lk (Thanks @SoinouryMaxime!)

As always, let me know what you think or if you see something wrong.

As someone maining Dudley, that’s embarrassing >_> I think I zoned out a bit when I was doing Dudley’s, just kinda like, “meh I know these, I don’t need to check the wikI!”. I’ll fix it ASAP, thanks dude.

thanks for this app. It’s nice and handy.

I think there are some typos in Hugo’s frame data:
Moonsault Press (MP) is listed as having 51 active frames
Shootdown Backbreaker (MK) is listed as having 0 active frames.

thanks for the good work!

Wow, that’s embarrassing. Ty rook and TheBlackHombre. I also found the new character dash data over on the reddit FD threads, so I’m going to put up with that data and the fixes in about 5 hours (after Tai-Chi!)

Thanks again.

i have seen a few typos

decapre ex divekick is listed with on block data as on hit and vice versa.

some moves are listed with other inputs… im going to check those as im not with the phone just now lol

Really love the notes feature! I’ve been trying to find a way to organize my notes for ages. One thing I would really like to see though, would be the ability to synchronize your notes across multiple devices! I’m no programmer so I have no idea what this looks like in terms of difficulty to program, but maaaaybe at least for iOS devices they could sync using iCloud?

I use my iPad to look at notes and all that while at home, but just use my phone while on the go

Also, the ability to view the app in landscape mode would be nice :smiley:
Just donated $3 cuz you’re awesome

Sorry about the Decapre typo, will upload a fix soon, and I’ve fixed a bunch of other stray inputs. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m just one man, there’s only so much checking I can do without the help of people like you, so thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Thank you for the donation, it really helps to keep me motivated!

As for the syncing data, this is obviously something I’m very eager to look into, but I’m not sure it’s a possibility because of the way the app is developed (cordova). It is something I continue to research though.

As for landscape, this is something I’ve left turned off because I want to implement a very cool feature in frame-data mode soon, where going landscape loads a much more detailed set of data. I’ll be starting to drip feed this data out as soon as I start working on it.

EDIT: I just uploaded to the play store, and I’ll resubmit the iOS version too. Thanks all.

take your time, after all the app is free

thank you :slight_smile:

For me, the cost of the app (or lack of) doesn’t really come into the equation. I’m dedicated to delivering correct data either way. Thanks though!

oh quick question, are notes stored in plaintext anywhere? typing on a touch screen is slow, if i could import text easily it would save me loads of time :frowning: