iOS App/Skins Thread

Greetings All,
This thread is for the discussion of the iOS App and the skins you can unlock for consoles.
There was a forum on another site where a dude was trying to help people get the iOS skins if they didn’t have an iPhone. Seemed to work, though one would have to give their WBID info to make it work.
While I don’t wish to instigate illegal activity, those who do not have, (nor will obtain in the near future), iPhones shouldn’t be excluded from unlocking skins, etc.

As most of you know, the Batman Beyond costume was recently revealed (though who knows why we need yet another Batman skin [I dig Batman, but other characters need skins more so than Bats] ).
If anyone knows, what are the other skins you may unlock through the iOS app for console use?

Easy way to unlock Beyond skin is to knock someone through all 3 transitions of Metropolis in a single fight online.

I believe you can unlock the following through the iOS app: Knightfall Bane, Arkham Asylum Harley, Batman Beyond, Some Green Lantern Skin, Prison Jumpsuit Superman. Maybe some others

I’d really like the bane skin, and my wife would like another Harley Quinn skin.

If anyone could help me get the ios skins it would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Gears of War 1 full game download code (for Xbox 360,also gives a 2 day XBL trial) i’ll throw in to whoever helps. I have a physical copy of gears1… gears judgement came with a gears1 digital code.

I really want Batman Beyond…

I’ll be unlocking as much as I can this weekend since my iPad is at my parents’ house, and I’m willing to share my WBID with anyone who wants the skins.

DecaDang, Thank You for being generous. It is MUCH appreciated and respected. Will your WBID only unlock skins for the PS3?
Obviously, there must be an honor system as well. I’m not sure if the WBID will only allow one person to use it at a time. Should this be the case, then those involved need to maintain privacy of DecaDang’s WBID info please. I’m NOT trying to be in control here. Respecting each other is the right thing to do.

I honestly have no idea. I assume WBIDs are not console-specific, but I have had no time with the iOS game yet.
And yes, my info will only be given out through PM.

Deca are u still helping w Costumes? I would really want Bane 1, others im not so interested

Of course! I believe I have the Knightfall costume already, since all you need to do is rate the app. I’ll be going through the list until I fall asleep tonight and continue tomorrow.

Anyone willing to help me get the Batman Beyond costume quickly? Metropolis transitions. I don’t know how good my internet will be, I’d love to play some sets, but the one match will help everyone get the costume.

EDIT: I found an iOS hack that should give me all the characters and a ton of credits, so if it works I’ll have unlocked most of the costumes, as well as a few Hero Card backgrounds. I will report back.

If it doesn’t work out I’ll be happy to help do the metropolis transition method, god knows the normal way is taking forever.

Deca- Definitely PM me info, please. I’ll help with transitions or whatever else needs to be done to obtain costumes.
To whomever obtains DecaDang’s info: PLEASE keep the password the same as what DD sends you.
Much Thanks

Hack worked. PM me and I will send you my WBID. I unlocked all of the costumes. Didn’t get the hidden reward, but I have no idea what it is anyway. :I

Edit: It should work on 360, no indication of system when asking for the WBID.

The hidden reward is Prisoner Superman if memory serves me right.
By this point I’ve sunken too many hours into this to cheat my way to victory.

Is anyone getting an in-game message saying WBID service is not available right now?
I’m using 360.

I haven’t gotten that. I don’t see any options to unlink my WBID from my game, though I don’t think that prevents anything since I’ve seen people on TYM said they shared information fine.

Yeah, read up and the hidden reward is Prisoner Supes. I’ll try to get that one soon so I should have it tonight or tomorrow.

Hmmm, still saying “WBID Service Not Available” My account is already linked, just want to get the skins. Bus among us it seems…

Don’t worry, it’ll work eventually.

You may need to restart a few times or something.

Also, for anyone wondering, the game is actually pretty fun. It plays more like a strategy because you get to choose buffs and debuffs, but it’s cool.

Yeha, thanks. I tried this and still nothing. I even reset my WIFI on XBOX Live to default to see if that helps. Strange. I was able to log in and link acocunts when I first got the game (release day). Ever since the patch it says WBID Service Unavailable… (Grr…It won’t mak eor break matches, I know :wink: .)