Iowa Joker's Monthly gathering 8-15-09


Taken from Joker’s thread on smashboards:

It was alot of fun at joker’s ggs to everyone BlazBlue was a ton of fun.
Here’s the start of all of the matches that were recorded loser’s finals:

I still think most people should’ve backed out and restarted the match after they paused it to change controls, but I posted on smashboards about that and alot of people didn’t care so meh.

BlazeBlue (10 Entrants winner takes all)
1: Blank (Jin)
2: Dekline (Nu)
3: Tyser Lyfoung (Tager)
4: Kamig (Arakune)
5: Damage Inc (Taokaka)
5: Skizm (Tager, Arakune)
7: Mduo (?)
7: Aramosu (Noel)
9: Mushroomring (Noel?)
9: Uli (Taokaka

Brawl Singles:
1: Jlo (Every Low tier from D,E,F)
2: Blank
3: Joker
4: Razor
5: Captain Love
5: Andy
7: Uli
7: Skizm
9: Mduo
9: Mushroomring
9: Vos
13: Yosh

Brawl Doubles:
1: Why So Serious (Joker+Razor)
2: Team Ames (Andy+Vos)
3: Xerxes And Leonidas BFF (Mduo+Bonehimer)
4: Why So Much More Serious (Blank+Jlo)
4: Coffee Creamer (C.Love+CBK)