Iowa: Maize of Defeat

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Now we’re talking. Still up in the air for SB for me.

Yeah new thread! Now Iowa as a whole needs to play games more or something, we should get on ggpo more, maybe we can have like ggpo fight nights. I know i’m not going to SB.


SB still up in the air for me, my first day of work is on a Thursday Sept 23rd, I’m not allowed vacation for the first 3 weeks which will be right at SB, so we’ll see.

I am also up in the air for SB though I do wanna go an play UMK.

an ggpo is still being naughty for me :frowning:

So, we have a nice place to set up casuals in Ames that we can claim for Thursday nights if we so choose. We had a smash thing there last weekend and it was a great place. There’s an hd tv there with an indiscriminate amount of lag on it. A few more setups and we have a party.

Just to get things going, Blank and I plan to do something not this coming Thursday but the next one. People down for this? I know Murph and Zach already said they couldn’t, but what about the rest?

I see what i can do. If i can come to ames i can bring all my stuff + a smallish hdtv (lag free)

Also fuck you capcom, you had to nerf seth, the only character i have fun with in ssf4. No more stretchy j.hp, U1 gets destroyed by fireballs, screwed with riverdance hitboxes…back to 3s, Gear, Tekken, and Garou for me

On the IRC channel at work! OH SNAP!

Fresh start anyway me and a buddy+ a spectator are going to SB I was wondering if anymore Iowans were gonna be around?

I am

Let me be the first to say that the IRC channel is a great success. Props to Murph.

Also, through a failure to communicate and lack of listening, there’s actually stuff going on at that place in Ames tomorrow starting around 6. I’ll probably be there but not sure, so yeah. FYI even though all of you will not be there. I can see the future.


oh yes.

I have my fingers crossed for wesker.

Wtf is up with x-23’s level 3…weird as fuck invisible counter or something


X-23? Really?? Not even Marvel fans like her…

Legit character clone. Still waiting on that antman. It might be a long wait.

Can’t make it tonight, but I could probably do future Thursdays. Could you PM me the info?

Glad to hear you got a job! :tup:

Due to some mishaps, the venue is now reserved for the date me and Blake actually planned for. So games will be going down in Ames next Thursday.

I forgot to add.

I finished building my PC recently. Are you guys on Steam? If so, send me a friend invite: Steam Community :: ID :: |ESF| Mezzo

Who’s going to be on Live tonight? Let’s fill an endless room. Cmon!

Hey guys. Good to see Iowa has a fighting game community.

Any group going to SB? If there is one, I’d like to join you. I was wanting to go to a tournament to see what it is like. I’m mainly interested in the SSFIV tourney.