Iowa: Maize of Defeat

Yes, PLEASE someone bring it, I don’t care what system it’s for. With figgy not coming because of that dumbass storm, I’d like to make sure we have at least one copy of it, lol. That being said, if you play on stick, I’d bring both an xbox and a ps3 stick.

I do and I did and no one liked my monitor :frowning: (+speakers)

Saaaaad. Oh well. Everyone ran super smoothly. Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially those who brought systems/monitors. It’s much appreciated and really helps things flow quickly and easily. I have some errands I have to run so results won’t be up until much much later, but I’ll get them up.

Yay, had too much fun. And next time, if I ever do this again, I’m bringing my PS2 stick. At least that one isn’t fragile.

hey whats up, the name is marc and im from waterloo,IA im kinda new to this but is there anyplace near me that we have offline matches at or even tourneys??

Weird, I thought I posted the link to the results from yesterday here, but I guess not:

@marc: I host an event every month in CR that I call simply Iowa Monthly. The one for July just happened yesterday (results are the link above). I’m not sure if we have any peeps in Waterloo, but there’s plenty in CR, it’ll just depend on what you play that determines who you’ll need to talk to.

I discovered that USB slot at the back of the XBox, so I can theoretically bring a full setup with AE and Marvel for future tournaments. Let me know if it’s needed.

hey xiang thanks for the help glad theres a tourney like 45 mins away from me every now and then but i play ae and marvel. so if any one from the waterloo area hit me up…hey do you think online would be almost perfect if were playing each other from the same state in marvel and in ae?

Do you play Xbox or PS3?

I can 100% guarantee you that you will not get a good marvel connection ever; even between people in the SAME CITY its assy

Also, you wont get a good connection bc murph will body you.

i had to show that to etherlord he didn’t belive me i figure that ppl who own a xbox knew about those extra slots.

Now that my internet’s finally stopped going out I was able to start uploading videos.

DBQ MVC3 Weekly #14 Results:
1st - Olli (Spencer/Wolvie/Task)
2nd - Hogosha (Thor/Ryu/Morrigan)
3rd - Keela (Trish/Tron/Doom)
4th - Kintehr (Dante/Shuma/Dorm)
5th - DTJB (Deadpool/Sentinel/Skrull)
6th - Stocks (Dante/Trish/Dorm)

No upsets this time; round robin had the same standings as king of the hill. Props to Olli both for taking his first weekly here and for running 3 straight back at me after I had him at 2-0 in the finals. Also to Alex for keeping with a new character (Trish) the whole tourney, even when the chips were down during our matches and Magento probably coulda done the job as a counter-pick.

I’m going to try to make it to the next weekly.

Floe confirmed dhc glitch is gone.


I just learned last night that Nova is in the new one, that’s great I’ve been wanting him to be in since when we were all guessing who’d be in the first game (well Nova and Adam Warlock both).

Also … Rocket Raccoon… ok even Marvel knows that shit’s just a joke.

You’re my hero. <3

And no DHC glitch? I can live with that, even if it’s the only thing that makes Morrigan not low-tier. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got the next monthly planned: [Aug 20, 2011] Iowa Monthly Series - MvC3, SSF4:AE, T6, MK9 (Hiawatha, IA)

I play on the ps3 my xbox cd drive just shitted on me lol but hey when the next monthly tournament in cr

That sucks mahvel will still be lagtastic…