Iowa: Maize of Defeat


Get +11 or go home with gunner


I play dat DFO now too.


“Oh god I can feel the eggs hatching!”


My Bishimon was very sad, no amount of showering and armor polishing could get the stains out!


You guys gotta step your VS up, I had to go to like my 5th character before someone finally knocked me off.



Text for capslock


United States is the best country in America



BRB need to “floss”.


We won’t have access to the Ames clubhouse for a good while. PCity is going to Florida or something.

Question: What interest would there be for a tournament in Iowa City? The venue that we’re having our Smash tournament at this weekend is really nice. There would be a venue fee and stuff, probably wouldn’t have it until next year.

Also, Joker is starting his monthlies again starting in January, so that option is opening up again.

What kind of real interest to we have for the Final Round Qualifier in KC? I know Curtis and I are pretty for sure going and Blank said he would like to go as well. We need to plan the car situation and junk.

  1. PICS YO! I’ll need to know what kind of venue we’re working with (i.e. size, location etc) before I can give my opinion. Otherwise, I’d be down for publicizing as long as we get a set date early (at least 3 months in advance).

  2. Getting seeded in a bracket for a tournament I highly doubt I’ll even consider going to sounds redundant. Then again, I’m due for a tourney so… whatever, I’ll go.


I’ve said before I’m more than willing to head over to IC to play with you guys be it casuals or a tourney. I’ll go no matter what, but as Sam said whether I “promote” it a lot depends on the venue and everything.

As for KC Rob posted earlier that he’s also driving and I’m planning on riding with him. Sonny is a maybe on it, I asked if he wanted to go but he’s not sure if he wants to take the extra time off right after the library being closed for a week (unpaid closed at that). I plan on running through fools on that HF cab.


If there is interest in an IC tournament, I can help out.


I’m still going and i’ve got room for 2 more if sonny isn’t going, 1 more if he is. Whoever sits shotgun will have to climb in from the drivers side though since my brother in law managed to break the handle on the passanger side.


I’m thinking I’m gonna go along, I assume you’ve got a place to crash lined up?

Also thinking I might try to make it to focus fire as well, not sure if anyone is interested in pooling for that. I realize two tourneys in two weeks is pretty rought but yea.


Most certainly want to go to KC, considering of course someone is willing to give me a ride, cus’ I’m a deadbeat.
Also, I plan on not running through fools on that HF cab.


Show us that HF Gief that got you into this whole nonsense.


I may ride with, depends on when you’re going and coming back. Also do you have housing or a hotel?


I have no housing worked out, and no specific times worked out, probably going to have to be a hotel but I wanted to gauge interest first, because if I was the only one going I’d just try and bum a room instead. It sounds like tourneys start early on Sat so probably least Friday, probably leave Sunday after HDR is over/everyone we know is out, which would basically mean leaving before SF4 is over.

As far as KC, it sounds like we are going to need 2 cars no matter what, so we’ll just have to fight over who’s in which car and who’s driving in the second car. I’m going to be driving to focus fire so I’m calling not driving down to KC. Do we have rooms worked out for there?


I could probably grab that Friday off so I can get to your place at a decent time but yeah I’d have to come back Sunday at some point. I just now read the thread and they have an ST head to head there… so I’m interested. I’m going to see if I can get housing.


I’m also down for focus fire, and leaving before SF4 is over.