Iowa: Maize of Defeat


Most certainly want to go to KC, considering of course someone is willing to give me a ride, cus’ I’m a deadbeat.
Also, I plan on not running through fools on that HF cab.


Show us that HF Gief that got you into this whole nonsense.


I may ride with, depends on when you’re going and coming back. Also do you have housing or a hotel?


I have no housing worked out, and no specific times worked out, probably going to have to be a hotel but I wanted to gauge interest first, because if I was the only one going I’d just try and bum a room instead. It sounds like tourneys start early on Sat so probably least Friday, probably leave Sunday after HDR is over/everyone we know is out, which would basically mean leaving before SF4 is over.

As far as KC, it sounds like we are going to need 2 cars no matter what, so we’ll just have to fight over who’s in which car and who’s driving in the second car. I’m going to be driving to focus fire so I’m calling not driving down to KC. Do we have rooms worked out for there?


I could probably grab that Friday off so I can get to your place at a decent time but yeah I’d have to come back Sunday at some point. I just now read the thread and they have an ST head to head there… so I’m interested. I’m going to see if I can get housing.


I’m also down for focus fire, and leaving before SF4 is over.


Maybe i didn’t think this through. The 17th i’ll be on my way back from a job in South Dakota and won’t get back till about 9 pm and i have to work downtown the 19th so i have to come back saturday night. Saturday morning is really my only option for leaving. Construction sucks sometimes.

Also Curtis you got dibs on a seat for KC.


I know me and atleast 2 other people from the cedar rapids area would be very interested to go to an Iowa City tourny for sure! Let me know if this happens!


First I’m interested in a tournament IC and I would help out with it too.
Also I was very interested at the Final Round Qualifier in KC, but then my bitch of a boss started adding more days she deemed it should be blacked out so until I find a way ask for it off I probably will won’t be going :(. On other news I’m trying to find a new place to work that is more flexable then the casino im tried of working there at someplace close to West Liberty. $6.50 a hour and shitty tips doesn’t justify the amount of work I actually do also it makes me super salty that I have PTO(paid time off) that I earn on working holidays and I can’t even use them when I want to.


Ok, so the Iowa City Rec Center is where the Smash event was held this weekend. We had 71 singles entrants, 15 full setups and a projector going. It’s a big hall with plenty of space and a stage–tables and chairs provided. It’s good for something pretty big. Only catch is they close at 10pm so we HAVE to get done before then. They literally kicked us out of there at that time.

I was initially thinking of just holding something local there but it definitely accommodates a lot more.

As for Focus Fire, I’d have to see about my financial situation but I’d like to come seeing as it’s not too far. But as of right now it’s a no.


I’m from Cedar Rapids so something in Iowa City would be much more doable than Ames.


had no idea the abbreviation for Iowa was IA… dropping this here if anyone cares to come Naptown Clutch:


Hey there local Iowanites. A friend and I are a kinda putting a street fighter based musical project together that involves character specific songs and whatnot. He recently posted one of the songs on srk and youtube, and if you like it and would like to further support and add life to the project help support us if you like it by adding it to your favorites.

Blanka Character Piece

I know this is not a local matchmaking related post, but frankly, I would do the same for you! :slight_smile:
If you don’t likey, please disregard! LoL



btw Grotsnik, there are three or four of us that get together on a semi regular basis in Cedar Rapids on wednesday nights. I’m sure you would be invited to one of these sessions some time… We play on PS3. Got a gamer tag?


semi regualr meaning???


I think they mean on PSN, but if not-- yeah huh?


Beer is good. especially beer my company pays for since i am out of town working.

Thought i’d share that with you all while in my drunken state of mind


Gamertag is Grotsnik_MD. I play on PSN.

By get together, do you mean on PSN or physical meeting? I’m cool with both. I’ve actually got Wednesdays off work so it should be pretty easy for me to do it.


Any of you guys interested on coming up to MN on the 17th?


I wanna rematch pbjmixxa/cookinmama in GGXXAC and I’ve been practicing MB:AA too, so it will be a pleasure to have Iowa come up to play video games with us again. :slight_smile:


Somebody want’s to take on Iowan’s in Gear? Goddamnit I need to go to this.