Iowa: Maize of Defeat


If Curtis and Zach need a ride to Ames, meet at my house tomorrow around 5:00 and I can take you up. Do you guys need to be home a certain time?


Well, I’m glad people are actually planning on coming to this and hopefully we can get enough setups dedicated to non smash games–I’m hoping at least three.

Yes, Greg they do need to get back at a semi-reasonable time but I’m not sure specifically.


Like the man said, I would like to be back before it gets ridiculously late, But I certainly don’t want to limit the amount of time you want to spend there.
I’ll also need your address.


So I take it no one has any issues with doing a tourney in January. No prob. Anyway, the venue will be the Five Flags Center in Dubuque. The space they showed me for holding the tourney looked a little cramped, but I’m sure they’ll make it bigger once they realize how many people might show up.

By the way, I’m thinking of adding a $1 mystery tourney to the event, I’ve got some good ideas about what game(s) to force people to play. Mike, if you’re reading this, I might need your help with a CERTAIN game (nudge nudge, wink wink).


Wow that venue looks amazing. What part of it are we going to be in? I’m guessing the “Arena” because of all the open space. Whenever you get details worked out for the tourney/post the thread, we should try to promote it hardcore and get more out of staters interested in going.


Now you all know the story behind my avatar and the countless hours I’ve spent playing a multiplayer puzzle game featuring space mice and cats.

GGs to all. Glad to see so many of you there. Sorry I didn’t get to play you guys as much as I wanted, but that’s how our meetups tend to be-- lots of games and few setups. ;O

EDIT: Yeah after testing it out, I’ve found the peculiar hiccup in my stick that caused all those disconnects. It seems whenever you hold any diagonal direction (1,3,7,9) and either the LB and LT buttons (the ones I don’t even use) and release-- the controller disconnects briefly, but as you saw, it comes right back. Any thoughts before I go to tech talk? I mean- to me this isn’t a big deal. If you’re not hitting those buttons there isn’t a problem, but it seems if others want to use it, yeeeaaahhh.


Basically they told me the arena area, but they want to block most of it off and form a smaller area for us. Might be alright, but I’m wondering what would happen if we get more than total capacity for this area, not that they couldn’t expand, but would they be able to move the set-ups into the larger area, know what I mean?

And you bet I want to promote this thing, once we figure out an exact date, I’m posting on SRK and letting everyone in the midwest know.


Well literally a week after getting my Xbox back it’s red ringed on me.


Charlie: Master of electronics destruction.


Quick note: my bad on hogging up the IRC channel. I just expect my shitty internets to boot me after time, apparently they are less shitty so i will make a point to not idle in the chat when i pass out in a drunken haze. My apologies for any inconvienence everyone.

and now…to pass out in a drunken haze!


It’s not a big deal if you idle, it’s just that when you are on for days at a time and no one has OP it makes it hard to get it back.


And yet again I am back after a few weeks with no internet. In other news, I’m finally important enough at my job to have weekends off, so I’ll be free on Saturdays and Sundays starting Oct. 16th.


In regards to the BB:CS finals though. To me it isn’t as much a surprise that a Taokaka won as much as the fact that the Taokaka player ran the entire match and made the Bang look like a scrub.


Spamming tourney! Spamming tourney!

Kansas City - Final Round 14 Midwest Qualifier - Dec. 18, 2010 SSF4, T6, BB:CS, MB:AA


Final Round XIV Midwest Qualifier

December 18, 2010
Collector’s Cache
13354 College Boulevard, Lenexa, KS 66210
Tel: (913) 338-2273
Registration Begins At: 10:00 AM
Tournaments Begin At: 12:00 Noon

Super Street Fighter 4 - PS3
Tekken 6 - PS3
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - PS3
Melty Blood: Actress Again - PS2

Special Side Event:
Street Fighter II’ Turbo Hyper Fighting - Arcade

More details here: - Home of the largest fighting game tournament in the Southeast!


so yea…
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Pretty good deal for anyone who doesn’t have one and wants it.


even blizzard knows lmao


Nice - new thread. :slight_smile: I think a friend of mine (should be here under ‘Papa Phewpills’) and I posted in the old one. We’re in Cedar Rapids, and willing to travel for some casual games. We might even be able to host here in CR, depending on how many interested parties there are. We pretty much just play SSF4 at the moment, but plan on getting MK and MvC3 next year.


I would love it if you guys hosted some time.


Goddamn. Xboxes red-ringing all over the place.

I just shipped mine in for repairs… planning on bitching at them good to see if they’ll give me a newer model that’s less likely to RRoD.

Surely by now, they must have fixed the design fault in SOME edition of Xbox… right? Right?