Iowa: Maize of Defeat


Been a while, I’ve got an update for you all about doing a tourney here in Dub-Town. As far as a date, the people over at the venue are leaning towards a date in mid January. I’m fine with this but I was wondering if anyone here had a preference for a later date like sometime in the spring (April or so) like we’ve done in the past. As far as tourney fees, the guys want to do a venue fee of $10 with $5 being the fee for each game. Does this seem reasonable? I forget. Even with the tournaments I’ve been to I can’t remember what’s right or not.

Thinking about what games to run; Super 4, T6 and 3rd Strike are definites. Tell me what else you want.


Ouch. Murph, given the thoughts I’ve expressed on Xbox LIVE about Cody lately, I’m obviously a scrub. I’ll try to think before I speak.


Don’t kid yourself, everyone is a scrub when they start. EVERY-ONE. And it’s perfectly ok, as long as you learn things, you don’t have to be a great…hell even a good player. You just need to show you can actually think for 3 seconds and learn about fighting games in general, that’s all it really takes to not be a Scrub. Sadly shitloads of people don’t get past this.


Whats up, figured id stop lurking around and actually post. Im heading up to SB along with Link


Sounds good. Where’s the venue and what’s it like?

Have you guys already registered and reserved a hotel?


Yeah we registered and have a reservation at the red roof inn


Hey Tekken Tag Tournament 2: [media=youtube]hkPcSe8xViw]YouTube - [TGS 2010[/media]

Only Tekken I could play for more then an hour.

Also GG SBO top 4 up on youtube: YouTube - l4zz3’s Channel

Some pretty clutch grand finals.


GG grand finals were pretty neat.

I also watched BB grand finals, and I was shocked to see a tao win the last match against a bang.

Saw a bit of the KOFXIII semis too, and there was K’ on every single team I swear.


My Xbox just RROD’d again.







Well I just got mine back, I can 1v1 someone if they want this evening in a game of fighting street.


Grog, I thought you didn’t play on XboxLIVE? :stuck_out_tongue:

GGPO seems pretty sweet, but I am just so terrible at ST :\


Yeah I don’t normally, and if I do it’s gotta be one on one since my connection can’t handle more than that.

Also GGPO is more than ST, every game on the left is playable.


thats cause K’ is like a pimp with that suit of his attracts all the ladies but he doesn’t care as long as he is a douche bag and fights like a douche bag well i guess ppl choose him for the first thing i said… the looks.


How late does this go?


There isn’t really a set time, but I’m told at least into the AM hours. We haven’t actually held anything there yet so we’ll see how things play out.


If Curtis and Zach need a ride to Ames, meet at my house tomorrow around 5:00 and I can take you up. Do you guys need to be home a certain time?


Well, I’m glad people are actually planning on coming to this and hopefully we can get enough setups dedicated to non smash games–I’m hoping at least three.

Yes, Greg they do need to get back at a semi-reasonable time but I’m not sure specifically.


Like the man said, I would like to be back before it gets ridiculously late, But I certainly don’t want to limit the amount of time you want to spend there.
I’ll also need your address.


So I take it no one has any issues with doing a tourney in January. No prob. Anyway, the venue will be the Five Flags Center in Dubuque. The space they showed me for holding the tourney looked a little cramped, but I’m sure they’ll make it bigger once they realize how many people might show up.

By the way, I’m thinking of adding a $1 mystery tourney to the event, I’ve got some good ideas about what game(s) to force people to play. Mike, if you’re reading this, I might need your help with a CERTAIN game (nudge nudge, wink wink).


Wow that venue looks amazing. What part of it are we going to be in? I’m guessing the “Arena” because of all the open space. Whenever you get details worked out for the tourney/post the thread, we should try to promote it hardcore and get more out of staters interested in going.