Iowa Monthly Series - 2/25

Sup, kids. Here are full results. If I effed up someone’s name, my bad; some people I know by s/n, some by real names, soooo…


1 murph
2 klaige
3 curtis
4 blank
5 Latino Link
5 ngamer
7 Hogosha
7 Kemps
9 Vamperial
9 kint
9 EtherLord
9 Nugen
13 Figgy
13 Olli


1 joker
2 Figgy
3 ngamer
4 Hogosha
5 ray robinson (aka raybones or raybo, I think?)
5 blank
7 Olli
7 Latino Link
9 gary
9 EtherLord
9 Ken Howe
9 curtis
13 kint
13 Nugen
13 Name v5.0


1 Ken Howe
2 funked
3 kokain
4 Xiang
5 fafnir
5 Hogosha
7 austin
7 travis luchten
9 ngamer
9 Vamp
9 bryan
9 taylor terry


1 ngamer
2 Hogosha
3 Figgy
4 Latino Link
5 Kemps
5 Nugen

GG’s everyone, glad to see the interest in kof, really hope you guys keep putting time into it cause the game really is a blast.

Fuck Natsu. :frowning:

GGs. Team NG in there! KOF was awesome, yeah. Thanks Scott for running and organizing these events.


Oh yeah, I have characters for all games except SCV.


  1. Joker (Task/Trish/Wesker)
  2. Figgy (Wesker/Hawkeye/Sentinel)
  3. NGamer3k (Wesker/Storm/Chun)


  1. Murph (Ralf/Beni/Yuri)
  2. Klaige (EX Kyo/Saiki/Shen)
  3. TopHat (Kensou/King/Andy)


  1. NGamer3k (Sakura, Ryu, Ken)
  2. Hogosha (Claw)

GG’s to everyone. I need to break this bad habit of scrapping my way to grand finals only to let Murph’s Beni make me look like a fool. That being said this game really is so fun to learn and play. I definitely have not enjoyed getting into a fighting like this since the gear days. Keep up with the practice and keep up on the funadmentals and you can go far in KoF. Til next time kids.

As said on facebook, had a great time here at CR. Thanks for hosting Scott, brackets went very smoothly. (Besides those weird mishaps in Marvel, but they were easily remedied.) Everything went pretty fast and the matches in KoF were intense as always. DSM ranbats do give us a lot of experience, so no match-up can be slept on.

For DBQ and other people who are showing interest in the game, good stuff. This was a really decent turn-out and it was fun playing new people. There’s a lot to learn in this game so I hope to keep making these. GGs everybody.

GGs everyone, good times as always :slight_smile:

There was a white power strip left at the scene, not sure whose it was but it’s in the trunk of my car now.

That’s mine Kint. Forgot to grab it when I took my monitor home. If you remember to bring it next time I’ll grab it from you.

Fun times. The business meeting at Noodles & Co. afterward was the highlight of the day for me.

Blake - Good stuff in AE finals. You saw what I had to bring to the table and immediately adapted. Always a blast playing ya in anything.
Dustin - Only took a freakin’ YEAR for me to finally beat you in AE. :stuck_out_tongue: Good stuff getting 2nd in UMVC3.
Jackie - As always, great to see ya. Hope we get to play again soon.
Gary - No idea how I got in against ya in UMVC3. Still kinda in shock that Dubuque took ya 0-2 in the game, considering you usually show up here and take ALL our money. Great seeing ya again, hope we meet up again in CR sometime.
Curtis - Not a tourney goes by where you don’t make me laugh. If Noodles & Co. afterward wasn’t so fun, THAT would’ve been the highlight of the day for me. Good stuff in KOF.
Travis - Congrats on 2nd in KOF. Didn’t know if you’d bring it back after that loss in Winners. Sad we didn’t get a chance to play.
Murph - Glad to see you’re still wrecking everyone in whatever you enter. Keep leveling your scene up, it’s clear you’re a huge asset to wherever you play.
CR Calibur players - Fuck Natsu. :frowning: I wanted to get some casuals in after but I kept having to play tourney matches. Not sure if I’ll stick with SC5 but I’ll be sure to play against you guys as much as possible if I do.
Christian - You took a hella early loss in UMVC3 and then STILL won the tourney. Good stuff. Great to see ya again, it’s been too long.
All the KOF players - I have a lot more to learn than I thought. Thanks for showing me that…mostly while handing my ass to me, but hey, any lesson learned. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope the weather gets nice soon. I require some post-tourney frisbee again.

What’s the plan on your weeklies, Mike? You said you were done with MvC after this tourny, so Calibur maybe…? :slight_smile:

I’M done with competitive UMVC3. Everyone else in town loves the game so I’ll still run tourneys for it.

If I had my way, it’d be KOF and probably SC5 right now (at least until I know whether or not I want to keep going with it). That said, tourneys aren’t about me.


Well, Imma try to convince scott to go to some of the madison tourneys, so maybe we can come pick you up on the way mike.

Good seeing everyone, its always great to bullshit with different people.
Can’t state how happy I am to see people investing in KoF. Looking forward to the next one.

That’d be awesome. Miss that crew up there.