iPad 64GB w/ LTE $700 brand new


Trying to sell this locally as well so I’ll delete this if I manage that one, but I have a brand new, sealed New iPad (or third generation if you prefer) that I’m looking to get rid of. Won it from work and…I’m not an Apple fan lol. The LTE radio in it is Verizon Wireless and it can be activated on a month to month basis with no contract. Obviously you can just ignore the 4G and go all WiFi, but that’d be kind of odd considering the price differences.

Anyway, they retail for $829.99 before whatever tax is in your state, and I’m asking $700. That does NOT include shipping, so please keep that in mind. I’d put pictures up, but Apple has the most boring packaging ever and there are a million pictures of unopened iPads on the internet anyway. PM me with any questions but otherwise thanks for checking this out.

EDIT: Not really looking for trades, just to throw that out there.


Price dropped, though it’s not likely to go lower. Come on guys, I know I could get full price on eBay, but…eBay is annoying to deal with haha.

PM with offers.

EDIT: Actually I did drop it down to $700 now but again, that’s before shipping.