Ipad /Ipad 2

So Picked up an Ipad 2 on the launch day (first ipad) and the things actually pretty usefull imo it covers everything i was doing on my computer (social networking)
but im not hear to speak of my opinion all day wanted to recommend and gain some recommendations from you guys of apps… apps im really talking about though are the ones in the japanese market… there godlike
so if you havent gotten them yet i recommend

  1. Taiko no tatsujin
  2. Jubeat
    there two very very addicting rythm games modeled after arcade games in japan
    they also have overwhelming amounts of DLC unfourtanetly only way to get your hands on that stuff is with a foreign credit card or japanese itunes gift cards which if your not in japan is going to cost you double… sadly
    but yeah those are my top two japanese app games
    you guys have any to recommend and i guess outside of the japanese market apps worht a try are
  1. buzz player hd (allows you to play all video files and download them straight from the web and play them on your ipad)
  2. Mirrors Edge
  3. Infinity blade!!!