I’m seriously considering buying one after checking this out [media=youtube]uKIVZeYiTN4&feature=related[/media]

And I really mean that-- by next week I’ll probably buy one anyway.

What do you guys think? I’m not saying it’s a Cintiq, but it’s an affordable tablet with a screen and a drawing app-- something I’ve waited almost a decade for.

Too bad iPad is multitouch and doesn’t have pressure sensitivity… but if you’re creative, you can find a work-around. Has anyone tried drawing on iPad or even iPod/Phone?

my gf has an ipad. she uses to show her illustration portfolio around. it’s a quick and professional looking portfolio imo.

but if you plan on doodling, i’d wait a few years until apple comes out with a version that runs photoshop. and like you said, it doesn’t have pressure sensitivity =[

I heard good things about Sketchbook Pro (it’s supposedly professional-grade), and as popular as iPad is already, you can bet they’ll release full-featured PS app at some point in time. But yeah it’s that pressure sensitivity thing that has me on the fence.

I was gonna buy it this weekend but I’ll think about it some more.

I played with a sketching app on my friend’s ipad…it’s actually pretty neat! But if you’re serious and want to crank work that ups the previous piece, definitely pass. Lack of hotkeys, constant brush changing(a lot of which as to do with the low sensitivity), color picking, unhiding menus all really hinders the workflow.

But then I’m someone who rages every time I need to change a brush.

damn i want one now.

that was a cool vid.