Iperu SUcks !

I need help Mi Amigos … im having trouble with his option select ultra

You can plink the X3 Punch/Kick buttons, and it is pretty easy.

Or you can be like a few of us, and Plink with 6 buttons. I just slide my hand from 3P > 3K.

Ive been prac. and i only get it 1 or 2c … but plinking ??? i have to go try the slide tech … but i have a good feeling that ill be a good Elf player

Just slide your fingers down. Over complicating a simple slide motion isn’t worth it.

What rythem do you use when you do rsmk ???

Densuo worked hard to make a thread for this stop making random threads please.

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Who are you ??? ok stay that way …

I’m nobody still doesn’t mean I’m not right post your questions in the fundamentals and or general thread stop making useless threads. Other community members have already answered every question you have you just have to read… You can do that right?

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The only reason why i made this thread becasue all of those were from 2 years ago … maybe those things dont apply anymore … and second its america buddy enough said …

Well its obvious you can’t read and are ignorant double whammy. Enjoy the long journey in becoming a mediocre elf.

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The cr.mk or “low forward” loop are roughly the same rhythm as the RSF, only less of a pause because you can’t spend as much time running. Very tight RSF timing and Cr.mk loops sound the same if you aren’t intimately acquainted with them.

Also, IIPeru is one of our gods… He is one of the few Elf players to find some margin of success competitively speaking.

iiPeru was in a certain major tournament recently. He actually played and won against several good players like Alex Valle for example. I will go so far as to say he is THE best Fuerte in the country due to his performance in majors.

The fundamentals thread I made is indeed old. But I make the effort to update it with information that comes in as well as confirming any info I get with guys that are far superior to me. It’s not like a pair of stickied threads that haven’t been updated in eternity.

Yes this is the interwebz and you can make threads for every question. But why clutter a board when the answer will take just a bit of searching OR, when we take into account how small the Fuerte community really is in comparison to other sub forums, you’d get an answer very quickly.

You’re a Rudo aren’t you?

Los Rudos(Alt 3s).

Again who are you ??? pk stay that way why even waste your time commenting … you really not good yourself you turtle alot and its boring to watch you play and im not saying that outta spite compared to lori gipie even Spab your elf is mediocre and you need to go back into the kitchen and improve …

Obvious troll in progress.

Thanks for the info man i just got the S.C.U and im hitting constantly thanks to you

Why do you keep commenting about stuff that doesnt have to do with Elf ?


Turtling is effective and something that works extremely well against characters like Sakura and Zangief. Turtling also is one of the best ways to encourage complacency in an opponent, and make them do reckless things.

El Fuerte has low ass health. Why take a chance when I dont have to? I have the lead. Can’t catch me. El Fuerte’s next alternate costume should be the Gingerbread Man.

The force is strong with this troll.

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