Iperu SUcks !

hahahahahahahahaha. this is too funny.
oh btw. i made a new account cuz i forgot my info to sign in =(

Bahahahaha I didn’t know terrorist had jokes I thought they were to busy blowing themselves up … what are you planning to blow up peru

Mmmm does that make sense? Someone who can translate troll please help.

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Manny why did you delete me from Xbox? it’s cool though i guess.

My troll-enese is a little rusty but I think it’s something like, “I’m out of ideas but if I shut up I’ll lose.”

can i add you?? i promise a ton of lag when we play :slight_smile:

And here i thought Terrorist was fluent in many languages … lol stay free

Wait where are you getting terrorist from? Lol

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Cuz my gamertag got banned :frowning: so I just deleted it and made a new account. But I already have you on my new account.