iPhone Cammy

Finally got the Cammy update for the iPod and iPod Touch version of SF4. Anyone played her yet and if so, any first thoughts?

I never got to play it but my friend says it’s a lot of fun trying to execute the Hooligan Roll-- even though I thought there was a dedicated button to it.

I’m curious as to whether or not we can do the TKCS on the iphone lol Mine is updating now, it’s a VERY long update…will post more when I finally get to play it some.

Why no sf4 for android? :(((((((

Just played it through, and it is FUN AS HELL. TKCS is possible, a little tricky but definitely doable. I’m really glad I bought this game now, since Cammy was released. :slight_smile:

How’s HR?

I didn’t have any trouble with it, in fact it comes out more often than I’d like it to by mistake lol

I wish we could combo cr. MK from cr. LP in SSF4 :frowning:

I wish cammys second ultra would have be a feng shui engine like juri. Can you imagine the destruction? :wow:

I wish Cammy would have a proper overhead attack.

OVERheads are OVERrated.

I honestly think she’d be broken if she had an overhead. We’ve already had this discussion plenty of times on this board though.

Broken, why? Overheads in SFIV are pretty terrible.

Combos that I have found so far for Cammy are:

  • c.punch, c.punch, c.punch, s.kick
  • c.punch, c.punch, s.punch, Spiral Arrow (or super)
  • c.punch, c.punch, c.punch, c.kick, Spiral Arrow (or super)
  • c.punch, c.punch, c.punch, Cannon Spike
  • c.punch, s.punch, Cannon Spike (or super)
  • c.punch, s.punch, Cannon Spike, FADC, ultra (corner only)
  • Hooligan, Razor’s Edge Slicer, super (or ultra)
  • Quick Spin Knuckle, super (or ultra)
  • c.punch, s.punch, Cannon Spike, FADC, Cannon Spike
  • c.punch, s.punch, Cannon Spike, FADC, Cannon Spike, FADC, ultra

Cammy’s j.kick is also a crossup

Here’s a few videos of me trying to use Cammy on the iPhone:


Cammy with an overhead would just add more to mixup, and she doesn’t need more. She has a way around throw techs, a reliable crossup, she still does damage in Super, backdash is good, focus attack is good… To me, she’s already a beast as is. Actually, here’s an old thread where we discussed this too.


Here’s a video of a pretty decent Cammy user on the iphone
I admit I suck pretty damn bad on the iphone, it’s hard to adjust to…so props to this guy lol

lol c.lp, c.lp, c.mk, hk sa??? wish we could do that in ssf4 :lol: