Iphone emergency, friend 'hit' restore with no backup

So long story short, friend upgraded to IOS 5, thought she backed it up but backup was never saved to PC or ICloud, her contacts were wiped after the update so she hit the restore button as in restore to factory settings and lost all her pictures, videos etc…

Normally she wouldn’t care but she said she had some newborn pics from the hospital that she has and some wedding pics she took at her cousins wedding that she doesn’t have anywhere else.

She tried calling AT&T, then they referred her to Apple which basically had me check if the backup was on the PC which I had already done, then check the icloud and basically said nothing can be done at that point.

So my question is, is there any way to recover these? I know I can use recover software on the PC, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to mount the iphone as drive for windows to recognize.

I told her to turn the phone off so it doesn’t write to the sectors on the flash storage and overwrite any possibility of recovering them.

So basically I’m wondering if there are any jail break apps out there that can mount the phone as a drive, not asking how to jail break, but anything that can do this or any other alternative.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Try this. I think that is how people put MAME roms onto iDevices. Or at least that’s how I did it.

Unfortunately that isn’t a driver to allow the Iphone device to be read by windows, that’s just a way to upload the files via network.

You could try a program like restoration?
its a program that checks for data on your HDD that hasn’t been overwritten but the reference to the items have been cut.
Its why some files exist even after a reformat if you look hard enough

Permanent deletion of data only happens when the blank sectors are overwritten so you can try and see if it will work.

you can try iFunBox to browse the iPhones files/directories to see if they are still there