iPhone/iPod Touch gaming


I know we already have a thread on the Iphone but I decided to make a new one for 2 reasons

  1. The first is about the hardware, not software
  2. With the search function down I couldn’t find it.

Basically for those who have an Ipone/Ipod Touch I’m just looking to get and give some game/apps recommendations

Last night my girlfriend paid for a binge on apps and ended up getting:

Rolando: It`s basically Loco Roco the way the game was meant to be playing, with tilt control. It’s addictive, beautiful and so much fun.
Personal Verdict::tup::tup:
(Free Demo available)
(Full version: 5.99$)

Chicktionary: You’ve probably played this on some flash version before. Basically you have a 7 letter anagram and you have to make 31 words. It`s fun, easy and might expand your vocabulary (I’ve learned words I didn’t know existed).
Personal Verdict:tup::tup:
(Free Demo Available)
(Full version: 1.99$)

TV Show King: This is basically the Ipod version of Buzz Quiz tv. It’s a game show quiz with 3 rounds + Bonus rounds + Final round. Questions range from a wide variety (Sports, geography, science, history, Movies, TV show, music) and it has great online multiplayer.
Personal Verdict:tup::tup:
(Full version: 4.99$)

Time Crisis: You’d think something that lends itself to precision like the Iphone would be perfect for a Time Crisis. Sadly Namco made one big mistake. To reload/hide you have to tilt the device away from you, making you kind of lose sight of the screen. At the same time the device is really twitchy when it comes to that movement so sometimes you can’t hide when you want to or hide when you don’t want to. Not a game you play in the bus. Aside from that though it’s good, intense, Time Crisis fun. If you’re not sure I would wait for a price drop.
Personal Verdict:tup:
(Full version: 5.99$)

Fieldrunners: This is probably the top of the line in Tower Defense games on the Itunes store. Enemies don’t have a set path, meaning the position of your towers affect their path taken. You can’t fully block them of course. The game becomes a mix of building the right towers and making the maze to keep the enemies in line of fire for as long as possible. It’s got several diffrent levels, 6 different upgradeable towers and really good graphics.
Personal Verdict:tup::tup:

Yard Sale Sunnyville: The story goes you move into a town and find the need to rummage through yard sales to decorate a room in your new house (16 rooms with a different set of puzzles for each). You’ll be given a big picture and have to carefully look through and find a list of hidden objects (Where’s Waldo style), and sometimes have mini games such as ‘‘Paint the new lamp’’ or cut 3 rectangles in a sheet of glass. It’s got a quirky storyline, good gameplay and looks great.
Personal Verdict: ::tup::tup:
(Free Demo Available)
(Full version: 4.99$)

Trace:A free game in which you control a little stick finger and in a very ms-paint-ish fashion, you draw a path to reach the goal without being hit by any of the obstacles. Increasing difficulty is great (I’m having a hrad time where I am at right now and enjoying how I’m not breezing through it). 120 different levels spread across 6 very different worlds.
Personal Verdict: ::tup::tup:
(Full Version: FREE)

Other apps worth mentionning:

USA Today: get all the articles from USA today.
Amazon Mobile: Browse and purchase on Amazon
Paypal: Manager your paypal account and send money through it
Ebay Mobile: Same as Amazon mobile but with Ebay

I pretty much expect this to be read over but kind of ignored but I felt like writing this up in case anyone finds it useful. Feel free to add to the list with your favourites.


na, this thread was needed IMO…at least until the search feature is back.

is there a mario like game on the iphone?
is there a better nintendo emulator for the iphone? the one i have has sound issues and button issues…it randomly pauses sometimes.
are there any GOOD turn based rpg’s for the iphone?
is there a good snes emulator for the iphone?
are there any good shoot em ups for the iphone?

anyway, i have trace. trace is pretty dope. they need a sequel. i think i’ve beaten every level in the game.


I’m not sure about a Mario like game yet, but I’ll be on the lookout.

I know the dev team is working on a SNES emulator right now but no ETA.
As far as Shoot em ups go, there’s a lot of them, but good ones are few. I recommend S.deadbeef. It’s free and works great. Another ok one is Dragonforce (there’ s a demo for it).


thx for the suggestions.

oh, is there a good beat em up for the iphone?


I’ll look for em when I get home from work. I’m still new to the apps. Those apps I bought last night were my first (I only had free ones until now).

For game suggestions/reviews I suggest checking out: http://www.1up.com/1upblogs/1/1ups_iphone_and_apple_gaming_blog


after youve mastered field runners try 7cities. itll keep you busy for just as long.

i bought puzzle quest and regret it. even with the rpg element i think id rather play puyopuyo or tetris attack anyday.

oh shit:payback came out. (supposed to be a gta1/2 clone if youve ever played them).


Does anyone know if they made a Peggle for Iphone?

I also learned that US store has apps and games Canadian store doesn’t, which is bullshit if you ask me.

Edit: I’ll check out 7cities, thanks for the heads up.


i wish they have peggle lol. that game is mad addictive.


ishoot is pretty good and I wanna get the brothers on arms game but don’t know if it’s any good. Anyone play it?


There was some really good RTS I played on the iPhone. Was really fun and matches only took about a minute or two. Can’t remember the name though :confused:


Not yet, but I believe that it has been confirmed already.

If you like Katamari Damancy the iPhone version is pretty good now. Dactyl is a good free game, and I enjoy Adult Swin Amateur Surgeon.


I was just looking at Amateur Surgeon, probably will get it at some point.


I started to purchase it, but I had read so many of the negative reviews about it so I didn’t want to spend for something I was unsure about. I’m kinda spoiled after playing both ps2 versions all the way through. What did they fix in it?

Any eta on the MGS4 game being worked on? I think it’s supposed to be a shooter on rails, but might be worth it. It at least looked ok from the screens I saw on 1up a couple months back.


so where do you get your apps? just the apple store?



My kid plays Katamari Damacy like a madman on the iPhone! My girlfriend’s, mind you. I won’t let him near my shit. I don’t trust kids with my electronics.

I just got SimCity from EA, It’s pretty nice, but I can’t deal with the fact that the city disappears while zooming. Kind of annoying. I heard on Joystiq(I think) that the Tron Light Bikes game was amazing. I just got my iPhone, so I’m still looking for awesome stuff.


Here’s a full list of apps on my Ipod touch:
Amazon Mobile
BlackJack Free
Countdown to Events
Dictionnaire litre (full french dictionnary)
Drinks and COcktails recipes Free
Ebay Mobile
HellBoy II: The Golden Army
IGN Game Reviews
Letters (anagram solver)
Lightsaber Unleashed (A must for any random nerd)
MotionX dice
Quick Poker
Sol Free Solitaire
Space Buster (lite)
Space Deadbeef
Tap Tap Revenge
Time Crisis Strike
TV show king
USA Today
White Noise
Yard Sale: Sunnyville


this thread made me upgrade my first gen ipod touch. i’m gonna check out all the apps listed here.


get baseball superstars 2009

do it


awesome post especially since I just got my ipod touch.


I’m glad these are helping. If anyone has games to recommend I’m all ears.