Iphone jailbrek inquiry

I plan on buying an Iphone 3gs soon and jailbreak it so i can switch to another provider for service…but i heard verizon doesnt use chips so i wanted to make sure if that was the truth or not whether i could jailbreak an iphone and use verizon with it >>?

You can jail break any iPhone but Verizon doesn’t offer the iPhone yet.

Verizon won’t work with any phone that requires a sim card.

Wait until later this month for more rumors, or until June. New iphones always come out june/july, so I’m sure we’ll see some results by then. I’ve been waiting 3 years now for a verizon iphone, so I can wait another year if I have to.

^I can think of a few of my friends that are still going to wait & see.

You are aware that there are a number of Android phones on Verizon that have been shown to kick the iPhone’s ass in hardware capabilities and software abilities? I’m a bit biased in this, having had Android phones for the past three years, but my current phone puts iOS to shame.

I’ll have to make a decision when the time comes Verizon does get an iPhone. With the incredible HD leaked and fully specc’d it puts the iphone to shame, and the iphone 5 (it doesnt even exist yet too!)

I’ve used both iOS and AndroidOS, in the end I still prefer iOS. There’s just alot more development and apps for iOS currently. In the long run though, I think android will either steamroll and kill by having 10x more apps, or it’ll flatline and devs will make apps for both android and iOS.

I’ll just have to wait and see. I like both phones and OS’s, but I have to choose which phone makes me happy in the end. Plus if verizon does get the iphone in June/july, it would be the iphone 5 most likely, since apple always releases the newest iphones in june/july of each year. We dont know what the iphone 5 would be like, or if it even is going to exist yet…