Iphone question


I plan on buying an Iphone 3gs soon and jailbreak it so i can switch to another provider for service…but i heard verizon doesnt use chips so i wanted to make sure if that was the truth or not whether i could jailbreak an iphone and use verizon with it >>?


It will not work because it is a totally different network type. The hardware itself will not support it.

Verizon & Sprint = Code Division Multiple Access network (CDMA/No SIM card)
AT&T & T-Mobile = Global System for Mobile Communications network (GSM/SIM card).

I don’t blame you for not wanting to be on AT&T. I am actually giving away my iPhone 3GS for free to a co-worker just for taking over my contract…:bgrin:


Boooooooo apple ecosystem and lockin


2 of the same thread in one day? It’s impossible. Wait for the official verizon iphone to come out in either latejanuary, or summer.


o.o i asked the dude at verizon if there was going to be a iphone vers. for verizon specifically and he denied it ><


THought just occured. Does getting a new phone and getting a 2 year contract affect my credit ? I dont have any and i thought maybe this might be a way to start getting some ^^;


I thought that was the big rumor last year(that Verizon was going to have an iPhone).


Every major news source claims verizon is getting it. It’s CEO even said it’s highly possible for 2011. Steve Jobs just hired a handful of CDMA programmers, many of which came from verizon and sprint. Apple orders CDMA chipsets for phones…

All leading to one specific conclusion. Verizon, or some CDMA carrier will get the iphone. With Verizon selling iPads now too, it’s possible.

I dont think getting a new phone and signing a contract even touches your credit, but I can be wrong. It isnt a huge purchase like a car or financing a house.


yes, they run your credit at first,( i have an iphone) i had the 3g an upgraded to the 4 . I only stayed on att so that i didnt have to run my credit with a different service provider.I recently bought a boat an truck in the same year and the inquirys hit my credit considerably. The iphone 4 service is night an day to the 3g though so im happy again but i know it will be a matter of time till apple rapes me an puts something newer out that makes iphone4 support obsolete.


i remember when the people at verizon said the Droid Phone were going to kill the iPhone…

i’ve been hearing a lot of people having troubles with the Droid Phones


Phones that don’t use SIM cards are pure fail. I can’t believe consumers are accepting such a ripoff.


Yes/no. Blame companies who rush out phones, not the OS. Because the OS runs on so many different phones, the android market will soon over run the iphone market in the following years.

Yes/no again. Yes, because if you want to travel internationally, there is no way to pop in a sim card for a local wireless carrier. But no, because if you’re only staying in your own country and not going overseas, a phone with, or without a sim card has no advnatges or disadvantges.


damn…was hoping to start earning credit ^^;…thanks for the info guys.


You could always get a student or store credit card. Those are always really easy to apply for. The bank ones are the hard ones that reject you.

Here’s an article that might help you build up credit though:

Build Good Credit Without Credit Cards


I think this article shows some nice new details. Not too sure how credible their stuff is, but I’ve been seeing the same exact stuff all day on blogs and tech sites, so it must be wide spread and legit for now. This is just like the ipod touch 4th gen before it came out. People leaked cases with camera holes, and then they got pulled. You know if manufactures are creating cases and products already for a device, the device must exist and be coming very soon.



cant get a student one cause im not a student anymore…the store ones all denied me cause i dont have any credit history v_v