iPlayWinner Article: Peacefuljay's Saltstream - Wait Your Turn

Hey guy’s, it’s Crackfiend here.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a NorCal contributor and longtime supporter of the community who’s been playing for 8+ years.

I wrote an article/synopsis about the Peacefuljay Stream on iPlayWinner and wanted to spread the word. I normally don’t start threads, but I was very compelled and inspired, which led me to doing to this.

This article is pointed directly towards players of all skill levels, because you guys are the future of the community. So take a look, give my article a chance, read the comments, and make a decision whatever it may be. Hope you enjoy this article!

Peacefuljay?s Saltstream - Wait Your Turn - iPLAYWINNER - FIGHTING GAME NEWS STRATEGY & MEDIA

Awesome! Nice to see that Peaceful Jay’s stream got an article. I usually watch some matches when I’m bored. I should enter the chat one of these days. But props to you and Jay

Thanks man, I just hope more people actually read this!

I stream Peaceful Jay all day at work and check it out when i have a few minutes to watch some matches. It’s great!

Actually read your article after discovering the stream from the SRK homepage. it really is a great tool.

Funny thing, last night i was searching for an endless lobby to play on and Peaceful Jay popped up as the first available. I got excited…then got scared and didn’t join. Now i regret it since i probably could have learned a few things. Either way, next time i’ll join even if i will get ruined.

Really good idea…

Shades > Flash Kick is gdlk

LOL. Shades to Flash Kick was indeed godlike. But thanks for replying, please spread the word about the stream and be involved in the chat! =]

i watch the stream on occasion. very skilled players. Id love it if we had someone setup a psn one too…

Have been watching ever since the rage post about Jay went up a couple days ago. Good chat, great quality stream, and some heavy hitters in the lobby.

This. That hate post was the best advertisement ever… And a 24/7 stream that has some really good players on it is an awesome idea in and of itself. Too bad I don’t own a 360.

This just in, jay is now streaming music on stream via the 360’s own media player. Shit just got better.

We totally need to get a European equivalent started, I’ve joined Jays stream twice now, no doubt to the dismay of any american who had to play me, god knows I didnt enjoy waiting 2 secs for button inputs against some players, but was surprised how well I could play with most. Still though the best connection games I had on it were vs Desu Desu and he’s UK so, it’ll be great if we eventually get one here as well. all hail Jay and his great Idea :smiley:

rage post? seems like i missed something juicy.

Just look a few topics down, its not far off yet.

… oh wow, rofl

PSN needs a 24/7 stream!!!

Thanks guys for the uber support. Please continue to spread the word! As much as I say this is a shameless ad (joking usually)

“follow me @Crackfiend on Twitter for updates on open slots, what events are going on, and to find out which one of your favorite players is currently on the stream!”

I’m trying to update everybody on who’s in and who’s not. There’s been an incredible demand for certain players to get on the stream, and I try to update my twitter for everyone to know what’s going on. There’s also going to be a weekly article on this on iPlayWinner, so check it out to keep up with the players involved, give us your thoughts, and follow Jay as well. He needs all the support and recognition he can get!

yo anthony love the stream nice looking out for it what with trying to get the word out for it,i really wanna get on it but my xbox is busted:(.soon as i get it fixed tho i’ll get on and show off some sick sakura action!

watch the stream. play the stream. love the stream

This is a great idea.

Will anything like this happen in England??

I’m not sure if there is one, but could someone point me in the direction of a thread that lists english players…I don’t really know anyone that plays and would love to learn more about the english scene…i.e where tournaments are held etc etc