iPlayWinner: The Grind in Japan!


We’re in Japan now and I’ll be updating iPlayWinner on a daily basis or so with whats going down at arcades and what not.

The first entry features an interview with 3s player Rikimaru! Check it out –

Second entry with a run down of BIG BOX arcade and GodsGarden…

Final entry with SBO and Shiozawa Cup coverage!

Haunts, word on the street from Japan is that you and Magus got blasted at a bar and you got thrown into a garage door! Source: NeoGAF

Did you FADC out of it?

What a ridiculous story… :wink:

alert alert alert best username on this website detected

You got that right nigga!

Anyways, nice post Haunts, looking forward to reading more on your adventures in Japan.

Good shit, Rikkimaru has the best Urien in Japan! He said it first!

find a vending machine that dispenses TE sticks!

Sucks, they DO have vending machines with booze drinks, but not vending machines with arcade sticks?

Looks good so far, hopefully the interview is solid too (no sound, at work :tdown:)

I’ll definitely check it out. Any chance of a writeup on the BlazBlue scene or are you guys not into that?

pretty funny interview :thumbup:

Awesome interview. Rikkimaru’s English really surprised me. Daigo gotta get up on that English swagger

English isn’t taught in school for kids over there I guess? We are forced to learn it from 4th grade over here.
Or did Daigo just stay too much at home playing Street Fighter to bother?

Yeah actually they’re teaching english starting as early as elementary school in Japan now in public schools. Unfortunately, by and large, they still suck at english worse than most countries in the world, which is why the government keeps hiring white people like myself to go over and teach english.

And to think all this time I thought you were of negro descent. My assumptions always sucked ass so----bleh.

Can I get you to get a pack of lucky strike filters (cigarettes) and send 'em my way when you get back to the states? it’d be worth the wait.

i’ll pp you the amount.

Lol. Good shit Niedel. Rikimaru loves big breasted white girls, who’da thunk it.

Ok, sorry about the lack of updates guys, just been real busy playing and doing other shit.

I updated today though which recaps most of the week!!

Awesome content, it’s great to get some insight on the Japanese SF scene.

Momochi is my idol, please get an interview with him please!

NO, interview RX or Deshiken!they’re more idol-y still!