IPlaywinner's new tiew list: Look where they put Sakura




There is no way in hell she is that low. I dont care what anyone say. It only goes to show that they didnt put any time into her.


Ok, I got a little mad that Sakura was put in to low tier. So instead of bitchin’ about it, I want to know what you think. I think that the game is very balanced, and you can pick anyone and do well as long as you pu thte time into them. We dont much about a lot of characters. Hakan, Makoto and many other. It took Sabre to put Sakura on the map, Gamerbee for Adon, V-Ryu for Makoto. My only problem is the fact that everyone and they ma runs to Ryu and Ken and dont look at the rest of the character select srceen. Yun and Yang are coming back so I have a new main to go with her in a way. But hopefully the arcade will fix or gie her something tomake her a little more tourney friendly.

The main question is: What do you guys think about this?

Tokido, Daigo, Mago tier List: Sakura now at B+. Jan. 2011

I remember when I posted this awhile ago. Like I said before, I was a lil upset. I got a lot of hate for even playing Sakura, and everyone thought she was just ass…until I showed everyone otherwise. I went to tournaments and started to show people how good she can be. I do very well with her and till this day I have never stopped maining her. In AE, it seems that 3 of the top players in Japan have posted a tier list for the game. Now, I was still going to play Sakura as a main no matter what, as well as Yun who is my favorite SF character. But I was really shocked at where they put her. I knew she was going to be better, but I was shocked in happy that I didnt switch from Sakura ever. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2011/jan/30/complete-ssf4-arcade-edition-tiers-daigo-mago-tokido/

What got me is, from what I hear Mago teir list is the better one. If that is true, that puts Sakura as the 13th best character in the game. Over noticeable charaters: Rufus, Bison,Honda,Ryu,Abel, and Guile. What do you guys think of this?


SOMEONE’S got to be low tier, right? And the way I see it, the point differential between her and the other low tier characters isn’t so drastic. It’s a pretty balanced game, but unfortunately, consensus says that she just doesn’t have the tools that some of the other characters have.

To be honest, I agree. I’ve been playing sak since vanilla and if someone knows the mix-up game, doesn’t jump at the diagonal ultra 2 and has a mashable reversal move, sak has a tough time winning. Let’s call a spade a spade and admit, we’ve run into players we totally trashed but had higher bp and pp than us…and the reason is it’s easier to win with most everyone else.


her worst match ups are only 4s (though there are a lot of them.) i agree sakura shouldnt be considered the worst character, but its just a list nothing more.

with that said, there is some justification to it. she has difficulty getting in on a lot of characters, shes a female (low stamina), and damage scaling, plus the decrease in overall dmg in super, really hurts sakura since regular bnb combos are 6+ hits youre always going to get hurt in that dept a little bit more than some characters who have bnbs that result less hits. she has a poor fireball and very few of her normals have far range. if youre good, understand sakura, and play smart, the tier list doesnt mean a thing. remember there are no 2-8 or 3-7 for sakura, meaning shes not that bad. but you gotta realize that sakura doesnt dominate over ANYONE yeah? you have to play good every round. but just look at the numbers, guile struggles with most of the A characters, hes only on top cuz he dominates the D characters. if you really spend some time and look at it its a decent list. not that there isnt anything on there i would debate.


The list shows her as not having a single favorable matchup. Do you know of a matchup for Sakura that is in her favor?

If you want to convince anyone that she should be higher, do something about it and don’t just sit in your chair and criticize others for being lazy when that is exactly what you are doing.


Her matchups aren’t super tough, but as was stated, you have to play every round extremey well because most other characters can do some ridiculous damage off of mashed reversals and pokes/normals into supers. Conversely, sak needs 1-frame links, her combos tend to run long so the damage is scaled, people have to to guess wrong on her now highly publicized mix-up and her overhead is on the slow side. She has to 2-in-1 then fadc her shouken to get in off a poke, which is pretty costly and on the difficult side.


I still don’t see how she got dead last in a game that has this version of Makoto in it. Guile vs Makoto is like 11 -1 in Guile’s favor.


Well, i guess the deciding factor is their respective mix-up games. Someone who’s mastered both characters and can execute their mix-up games will have more success with makoto. Part of it is the unfamiliarity we have with the new cast members, and as of right now, that works to put makoto above Sakura.


why are ppl always so damn aggro on srk? the man’s voicing his opinion on A DISCUSSION BOARD. rather than just bashing the dude…inform him. why does everyone on here think the best way to get something across is degrading others?

sakura’s super counterpart is a step below vanilla. am i right? and ive been seeing some pretty damn good makotos lately people are still trying to figure her out. dan is only .5 above sak, while makoto is only 1. but im convinced sak got hurt the most coming into super…BY FAR. some characters got crazy unneeded buffs while simple game design changes made sak weak.


lol makoto has a good shot against anyone, Sakura isnt that bad for being the worst character she has no 3-7’s which is good.

Someone could win a major tourney with her if they were to put in the work.


First of all I dont know who you think you are but I didnt say anything but shes not that low. Lazy my ass dude. I go to tourneys in the mid west all the time and show everyone who plays me (not to mention things its going to be a easy win just because I picked Sakura) whats up with Sakura. I didnt say anyones name, nor did I diss anyone or call them stupid for where they put her. Maybe you are the one sitting down dissing calling someone lazy. Simply shut the hell up.


The game rewards actual rushdown outside of Rufus a little more now, and trade DP is gone. Sakura has gotten help.

Also, I think Sakura forums are a little too passionate about convincing people Sakura isn’t low tier.


havent noticed. you still gotta be really smart with your rush in this game. reversals are still easy mode.

and what does ryu’s dp trade from vanilla have to do with sakuras match ups in super…?


Hace I feel you on that. Most Sakura players do. Im not doing that. As a Sakura player, I can understand why you may think that. She is not high tier, and will never be high tier. But at the same time, I do not think she is that low. Thats all this post was about. Nothing more.


Well, I wasn’t entirely serious. I’m just flabbergasted that she’s DEAD LAST on the list. I know she’s not like A+ God Tier OMGWTFBBQ or anything, but dead last? Hakan does better than her, really?


i dont see how she can be lower than dan or hakan. thats just retarded to say


I can see that the matchups kinda make sense. She doesn’t really have the advantage on anyone, but I almost consistently beat mid-high tiers with her simply cause they don’t know the matchup as well and my sakura is godlike (not really lol). Just don’t see how Dan is a better character than her though, nor Hakan.

Funny how my 2 mains (well Sak is kinda my secondary) are first (Akuma) and last on this tier list.


If someone falls for the mix-up more than twice and more than a round, it doesn’t really feel like a win to me bc it’s a gimmick that they weren’t familiar with. Maybe it’s just me wanting to play informed opponents, but honestly, if they fall for the reset mix-up, they probably aren’t that good.


Well most of the time now the solid Sakuras have been avoiding the basic ex shunpu reset mixup and playing a much more solid Sakura mostly ending with hp shouokens. I’ve been slowly avoiding doing this too but the mixups do come in handy now and then when you need them. But just cause everyone has seen the Sabre vs Valle, doesn’t mean she bases her game on resets like Fuerte does for mixup. She has average pokes and a godlike cr.hp.


The IPW list goes off of presentation at their tournaments more then anything, and centralized in the bay area only. Meaning, if there aren’t any sak players out in cali throwing it down at their tournie, she’s going to be misrepresented, which is the same way with most of the characters on their list. But on a general basis, Sak’s presentation within the U.S has always been low so it makes it that much harder to place her. IMO, she is NOT the worst character in the game, neither is Makoto, and neither is Dan anymore wink**winkHakanwink. But even still the more well known Sak players come from out of the U.S, and is represented more outside of the U.S so im sure opinions would be biased in that since.

If anything, take this tier list, and either other one with a grain of salt from now on until definite stuff starts to get posted. Show them that most of their match-ups that they have posted don’t even show proper consistency between the characters, and that Sak can be played better then what they think. In fact, their strategy section for Sak doesn’t even have as much info as the other characters, pretty much indicating that they don’t have much of a clue as to how she works. If anyone wants to look at a tier list for Sak’s placement I suggest just taking the July Jap Tier over anyone elses as of now. Seems the most concrete with a few changes here and there.


That made me laugh but if that’s the case then the matchup is probably 15 -5 in Guile’s favour vs Hakan :rofl:

Would you say Akuma’s vortex is a “gimmick”? If they don’t have a reversal then they have no choice but to play your game and try to guess right, it’s not their fault if they guessed left when you picked right. However if you keep crossing under them and they never catch on then yeah it’s abusing their lack of knowledge and ability to read and adapt to the situation.

As for that tier list I think a lot of the 4s they gave Sakura should be 4.5s or 5s and vs Hakan think she’s at 5.5 in her favour the very least (same with Dan vs Hakan too).