Ipod Alex request

hey can someone make me a an avatar with alex doing his taunt along with the ipod and a red background saying “iDamage” would greatly be appreciated :tup:

Ipod avatars is just a figment of your imagination, they don´t truly exist.

lol i see a whole bunch of them in peoples avatars =.

no you dont, its all in your head.

can anyone make me one for real? =

you are a couple of months late, the trend is dead let it rest in peace

EDIT: you can use this though http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/5499/idamage0tc.gif

Crappy mspaint avas is the new thing

lmao :rofl:
oh man i didnt see that one comin TRT
good shit dude


yes im late but i still like the idea

please someone? :smile:

You just got a perfectly good one, what more do you want?

thats true but a switch for a while wouldnt be bad, then ill switch back to this one, then switch to the ipod one

Make your own then. I don’t think anyone wants to make em anymore.

i dont have photoshop or anything ~_~ i guess ill look around.

ill make one

:tup: :tup: :tup: thanks a bunch holmes

he’s lying. he’s going to make you wait for years and years until you realize you wont get one.

lol damn thats a pretty funny joke to pull on someone if it wasnt u =\

no im going to do it tonight and what are you even talking about man you dont know me

…i guess HHZ is right

no im doing it im just so busy i have a life outside SRK