iPod Ava Request

iIAD with Twelve flying across the screen. Carolina blue background. Please :karate:

BUMP! What if I said please again? :karate: .

PS Please!

any chance you have the sprite?

Fuck…I dont. It doesn’t have to be the sprite just a still shot of him flying.


thanks DG, man… thatll look weird all black with just the pods on


not sure if this is what you wanted, don’t have to use it.

Looks good but not to be picky but could you do it how I have my current one set up? iIAD on the left and in big writing then twelve on the right. Also could the blue be a bit lighter too. Besides that its looks great. Thanks man.:tup: :karate:

you mean iIAD on the right then twelve on the left? so pretty much just shrink twelve and enlarge the font?

Haha yeah you got it. Sorry I mixed that up. But yeah center and enlarge the font. and shrink the Twelveness. Thanks man. Oh and don’t forget to make the blue lighter :karate: :tup:


like that?

Exellent! Major props man :tup: